James with Freddy the Cockapoo

We recently spent a weekend at the Elvden Centreparcs and I took this picture of James holding our Cockapoo puppy Freddy in the garden of the Starbucks above the sailing lake with my mobile phone. I really like the expressions captured on their faces, although I wish had taken the photo with my XT-1 and a longer lens so I could have de-focused the background a bit. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible as at the time I took this picture all […]

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Back to film

During our recent trip to CentreParcs in Bedfordshire I had a go at film photography again for the first time in many years so I thought I’d write a quick post describing the experience. As it turned out I didn’t take quite the equipment list I originally thought I would because I decided the Miranda F and the Miranda G were so alike that it would be a bit of a wasted opportunity not to take something a bit different. […]

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Some more Ricoh GXR shots

When we recently went to CentreParcs Woburn Forest I took a couple of film cameras along to experiment with film photography again for the first time in many years. On our first day there however, it was difficult to use the film gear because for a lot of the day is was all packed in the car. I also took my Ricoh GXR along with me, so for those first few hours I used that along with the 28mm APS-C […]

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Favourite pictures – Emma waiting with rabbit.

I took this short sequence of pictures while we were on holiday at CenterParcs in Woburn Forest last September and hadn’t really looked at them again since we got home but as I was looking through my Lightroom Library this evening I realised how much I liked them. I took them with my Sony Nex 6 fitted with a telephoto lens. Because we were on holiday in CenterParcs I wasn’t following my usual routine so I can’t be sure of […]

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