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    Favourite pictures – Lighting candles

    This is a series of pictures I took in York Minster recently when my Daughter wanted to light a candle. They were taken with a 55mm Takumar f/1.8 lens fitted to a Camdiox focal reducer, making an effective aperture of about f/1.4 and used only the available light. I liked these pictures when I first saw them on the review screen of my Nex just after I took them, but I didn’t notice the small flaw with them until I...
  • Favourite Pictures

    Favourite pictures – my Daughter Emma

    This is a picture of my daughter Emma which I took during a recent trip to York Minster. I had been taking some pictures of the rail that she is posing next to using a Takumar 55mm f/1.8 lens fitted on my Camdiox focal reducer and Sony Nex 6 when she jokingly tried to get into the picture by jumping up into shot. I asked her to stay there for a minute and took the picture to the left which...
  • Family

    Blickling Hall in late December

    Today we went to Blickling Hall, a National Trust property in Norfolk, for a visit. It was one of those really cold, but very clear days that you get in the winter with the sun very low in the sky which made the scenery beautifully lit up but also increased the possibility of flare if the sun made it into any of the shots. Unfortunately, I misread the website notification of the opening times so when we arrived, although the...
  • Family

    Sony Nex 6 high ISO noise performance

    I while ago I wrote a post about the low noise performance of the Pentax K-5 when used an high ISO and I thought it would be interesting to also look at the performance of my Sony Nex 6 when used in high ISO. It’s particularly interesting at the moment since this is the time of year when most days are murky and it’s quite common to be taking pictures using the high ISO setting on the camera. All the...
  • Family

    Autumnal St Nicholas Church

    I went over to St Nicholas church in Stevenage today to take some pictures with one of my Miranda 35mm film cameras, the Miranda Fv, and I also took along my Sony Nex to take some control pictures. Because the film I used in the Miranda was black & white, I’ve converted a number of these pictures to black & white as well to get a better comparison of the pictures which I develop from the film. All these pictures...
  • Family

    Views around Westminster

    I had to go into London today to visit the Symfony Live conference in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster so I took my Sony Nex 6 along fitted with my Takumar 28mm wide angle lens and my Camdiox focal reducer. As it happened I left a bit early and missed the final keynote because I had a headache from being in a darkened room all day, so while I walked around to get rid of it I...
  • National Trust

    Sutton Hoo Pictures

    In a similar post to yesterday’s post which published the remaining pictures I took at Kentwell Hall, this post is a collection of the pictures I took during our holiday visit the the National Trust property at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. It is mostly a family holiday post, but anyone who is considering a visit may find it interesting. All of these pictures were taken with my takumar prime lens kit which I took on the holiday. View the pictures...

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