Olympus E500 sample pictures

Over the last few days I’ve taken my Olympus E500 with me on various walks and on a trip to Cambridge I had to make for work. In this post I’m going to publish the best of the Olympus E500 sample pictures I took and give my impressions of shooting with this camera. Olympus E500 sample pictures The first thing which struck me about using the camera wasn’t really a feature of the camera at all but a feature of […]

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Riverside conversation

This is a picture I took almost a year ago in Cambridge UK. It was on a hot summer day in July near the river Cam, and I took this with my Pentax K-5 and Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom. I had not looked at it since I imported the picture into Lightroom from the card, but tonight I was playing around and tried this picture in black & white. After a crop and a bit of level adjustment I think […]

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Punts on the Cam

During our trip to Cambridge yesterday I found these two punts which had been moored by the side of the river. I thought they made an interesting subject so I took this picture at the widest setting of my sigma 18 – 125mm Zoom. When we got home I added a bit of vignetting in Lightroom, and dropped the clarity a touch whilst boosting the vibrancy a small amount. Pentax K-5 Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom f/8.0 iso 200 18mm 1/320 […]

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We went to Cambridge today to meet my Mum and Dad, Brother and Sister and families for a party to celebrate my mothers 80th birthday. After we had eaten we went for a walk and I took this picture of my daughter Emma as she was looking for bottle tops amongst the trees (I know – bottle tops ? She decided to collect them today). This was post processed in Lightroom with a reduced clarity to give it a dreamy […]

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