Fujica stx-1, Fomapan 200 and Caffenol C-M

Another attempt to develop black & white film with caffenol

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Fujica STX-1 35mm slr camera

A review of an entry level 35mm slr from the 1970’s – the fujica stx-1.

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Caffenol trial no 2

I was fascinated last week to try my hand at developing film in caffenol. So fascinated that I decided I really needed to have another go to see if I could get better results. One thing which really needed to change was the tank I used. Last week I used my Agfa Rondinax daylight tank but all the film got bunched up in the centre of the reel and only the outside few exposures actually got developed, so this time […]

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Fun with a tank of coffee

I first heard about developing film using coffee a few years ago and I must admit I assumed that it was an April Fools joke, but a bit of further research revealed that it is not only possible but is actually capable of some pretty good results. So earlier this week I ordered some Washing Soda, Vitamin C and cheap Coffee (the constituent ingredients), loaded up my Miranda Fv with some FP4 black & white film and went out to […]

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