Pictures of Bressingham gardens, near Diss in Norfolk

This is a family holiday post with a few images from Bressingham gardens in Norfolk from our visit in April whilst on holiday in Suffolk. We drove over to Bressingham near Diss on the first Monday of our holiday arriving early in the Morning. The Gardens are not only gardens; There is also a steam railway with three different track layouts, a large garden centre, the gardens themselves and also the Foggy Bottom gardens which is the subject of another […]

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A walk round foggy bottom gardens

This post is about the Foggy Bottom gardens which are at Bressingham gardens near Diss in Norfolk. We went the Bressingham to see the Steam Engines and discovered the Foggy Bottom gardens towards the end of the day when James and Emma were tired enough to allow us to walk around them. View the pictures using the gallery below or see the full size versions by following this link. The gardens were apparently designed by Adrian Bloom, and have grown […]

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Nex 6 video clip sample.

I don’t often take video clips but while we were on holiday I did take this clip of my children on a fairground roundabout at Bressingham Steam and I thought it might be of use to anyone contemplating a sony Nex for video with fixed focus lenses. This video was taken with my Soligor 28mm lens with the aperture set to about f/5.6. I would think that a fixed focus lens would be an advantage whilst taking video as it […]

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Holiday journal – Easter 2014

This is a record of our Easter trip to Suffolk and the places visited, photos taken and memories recorded. For anyone who kindly looks at my blog for the photographs, this is predominantly a family post – you are more than welcome to view it but it’s not a photography oriented post. I will be following up with more posts about my photographic exploits later! Saturday 12th April 2014 We loaded up the car  and set out on Holiday at […]

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