Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – or where to host my site.

It was about a year ago that I moved my site from a wordpress domain, to my own domain but at the time I made that move I kept the site hosting at The payment for the hosting is due for renewal in a few weeks time and I’ve been deciding if I should keep the site within workpress or if I should move to a self hosted arrangement. The driver for this is not really cost […]

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What has happened to my wordpress views ?

I’m not hugely concerned with the number of views I get on my blog, but I keep an eye on them so I know from day to day roughly how many views I’m getting. Up until Sunday I was normally averaging between 60 – 120 a day. On Sunday I only got 16 views and since then I’ve been averaging significantly less – about 15. Now as far as I can see my google page rank hasn’t changed for the […]

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