Olympus [mju:] II zoom 115 review

This is a review of the Olympus [mju:] II zoom 115, a 35mm point and shoot compact camera with auto focus, automatic exposure and a 3 zone meter. Olympus [mju:] II zoom Images My Olympus [mju:] II zoom 115 Camera I have to say this is an unusual camera for me to buy. I don’t normally bother with the compact, point and shoot end of the 35mm market, but I saw this in a charity shop and had a vague […]

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Voigtlander Dynamatic II rangefinder camera

The Voigtlander Dynamatic II  camera is a 35mm, rangefinder, auto-exposure camera made by Voigtlander in the early 1960’s. It looks remarkably similar to my Voigtlander Vito B although it is a heavier and much more sophisticated camera. Voigtlander Dynamatic II Images My Voigtlander Dynamatic II camera I found this camera, as with most in my collection, on eBay. It was on with a starting bit of £4.99 and I added it to my watch list but missed the end of […]

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Olympus Pen EE-2 half frame camera

This Olympus Pen EE-2 is a pocket size, half frame, 35mm camera which I’ve owned for quite a long time but only recently got round to looking at. In fact, although it was described as being in ‘good condition’, when I received it I found the front lens assembly was unscrewed, the shutter didn’t work and the aperture blades were frozen. Olympus Pen EE-2 Images My Olympus Pen EE-2 Camera This weekend however, I was sorting through some of my […]

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Kodak Instamatic 300 camera

This Kodak instamatic 300 is another camera I picked up in a Loughborough charity shop last weekend – this one for the princely sum of £1-50. I primarily bought it because I remember my Brother using one on family holidays in the 1960’s. I remember him using the Instamatic as my Dad used his Boots Beirette and how we used to view the resulting colour slides when they returned from processing a week or so later. Kodak Instamatic 300 Images My […]

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Chinon CE-4 35mm slr camera

This Chinon CE-4 camera is one I found in a charity shop on a recent trip to visit family in Loughborough. It was in a large box of other  photographic paraphernalia and was priced at £7 so, although the shutter was locked, I bought it because of two reasons. First the lens is probably worth £7 and secondly when I turned the rewind knob I could feel tension so there was obviously still a film in it! I have had […]

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