Ricoh GXR A12 28mm samples

I wrote recently about the new sensor units I bought from China for my Ricoh GXR camera body and followed it up with posts about the 50mm macro unit and the sensor only A12 unit. Well this short post completes the series by including some sample images from the other unit I bought – a Ricoh GXR A12 28mm equivalent APS-C sensor lens. As with the 50mm unit, the 28mm unit is not actually fitted with a 28mm lens but a […]

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Ricoh GXR A12 Mount first impressions

I posted a while ago about discovering new lens units for my Ricoh GXR camera from a site in China. Well, I found that the same supplier also had the Ricoh GXR A12 Leica mount sensor unit for a very good price and so I decided to get that as well. Ricoh GXR A12 images This is different from the other units I’ve bought because it is a sensor only unit fitted with a Leica bayonet M mount. That seems […]

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Ricoh GXR A12 50mm macro unit

As I wrote in a recent post I found a supplier in China selling Ricoh GXR A12 50mm APS-C lens units for my Ricoh GXR camera unit for a remarkably cheap £88 and snapped one up. This is a review of that unit concerning its usability and performance. Just to clarify one point, the 50mm in the unit’s description describes the equivalent focal length in 35mm full frame terms. The actual focal length of the lens is 33mm which, when […]

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The perfect GXR

This seems to be an odd post from a man who has just bought a Ricoh GXR so I’ll just preface it with the statement that I love my GXR and think it’s a really novel and interesting idea. However it could have been so much better. The idea Ricoh presented with the GXR was that of a camera that you never have to replace because you can buy new sensor/lens combinations as technology improves, and Ricoh would keep the […]

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