Agfa Karat viewfinder camera with strap lugs

This is a very short pictorial review of the model of  Agfa Karat viewfinder camera which has strap lugs fitted to the top cover. In functionality, it is identical to the Agfa Karat f/3.5 which I covered in a previous post, so this article is just a description of my particular camera and some images of the camera. All the pictures in this post can be viewed full size here. My Camera This camera was bought from eBay as a […]

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Agfa Karat IV 35mm rangefinder camera

The Agfa Karat IV was the final iteration of the Karat design and probably the most impressive of the line up. The cartridge film system of the early models was dropped in favour of the standard 35mm film cassette, and the Compur shutter replaced with a Prontor-SVS shutter. The camera still retained some of the best features of the Karat series however, such as the collapsing lens system, relatively small body size and improved rangefinder. Agfa Karat IV Images My […]

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