Miranda Sensorex EE 35mm slr camera

This is the final post in my current series on the Miranda cameras in my collection, hopefully not because I won’t ever buy any more – just because I’ve caught up with the current state of my collection. This is a Miranda Sensorex EE which I added to my collection a couple of months ago. It was the model introduced just before the Sensorex EE2 and shares many of that cameras’ features. Miranda Sensorex EE Images My Miranda Sensorex EE camera I […]

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Walk around the suffolk countryside

This is a post highlighting a series of pictures I took on our recent holiday in Suffolk in the UK. I took these pictures on the first full day of our trip when we went for a walk in the local countryside around the village of Horham which is about 5 miles from Eye, to explore a bit. We were lucky for the entire week in that he weather was clear and although it wasn’t hot in the April sunshine […]

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Experiments in Photoshop 2 – Photo retouching

I have used the spot removal tool in Lightroom to good effect in the past to remove or paint over small areas in a picture and found it to be pretty effective. However for large objects or areas of pictures it doesn’t seem so effective. I thought that now I have access to the full Photoshop CC product I’d try to edit a picture with problems and see how much better photoshop is. The picture above is one of St […]

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Experiments in Photoshop 1 – Tilt shift filter.

As I mentioned in my last post I have recently subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers membership which gives me access to the full Photoshop CC program – something I could never have justified as a standalone purchase. I have been experimenting with the various features and thought I would start a series of posts showing some of the results. The first effect I have been experimenting with is the tilt-shift filter. A tilt-shift lens is one where the […]

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Typical Lightroom processing steps.

In this post I’m going to outline my typical Lightroom processing steps I go through to take an image from the initial RAW capture to the final image. This is as much an aide memoir to my future self as a guide to others, and in no way is this the only sequence that could be used. Typical Lightroom Processing steps in Images The image above is one that I took with my Ricoh GXR fitted with the S10 lens […]

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How much should we post process ?

I’ve been taking photographs for many years. First with black and white film, then colour film and slides and now with a DSLR. Although processing was a part of the process with film and involved all sorts of techniques to improve the final image, I have always said to myself that I don’t do processing of digital images. I’ve always thought that I try to take the picture as I see it and don’t want to spend hours with photoshop […]

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