A collection of 8mm home movies

I’ve written before on this blog about collecting 8mm home movies and I’ve purchased several films over the last couple of years which I’m hoping to be able to digitise soon. Each of the films which I’ve bought has been quite interesting, but I’ve generally acquired films which were shot in the mid to late 1960s; this week however, I had quite a find when I picked up 20 8mm home movies which were shot from the early 1950s up […]

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Building an 8mm Telecine machine – Part 1

This is the first part of a series which may take several months to complete, but which I hope will eventually describe the process I’ve used to build an 8mm telecine machine from an old Eumig dual format projector. The driver for doing this is the failure of the Winait machine which I bought in September, which has proved to be defective and which I’ve subsequently rejected via the Amazon A-Z guarantee. Since I can’t use that device to convert […]

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Winait 8mm film scanner first impressions

This is a short post which describes my initial impressions of the Winait 8mm film scanner which is used to convert 8mm home movie films into digital mp4 files. Update: I have had considerable problems with this unit which I’ve documented in this post. I would certainly not recommend anyone purchase one or any of the same machines made by Winait under different names. Why did I buy a Winait scanner? When I started thinking about the Found Film site about […]

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