Specto 500 8mm silent projector

This post is the first in a short series which looks at the Specto 500, a standard 8 cine projector which was made in the UK in the early 1950s. This part is an introduction to the projector with some pictures. Specto 500 Images My Specto 500 Projector I bought my Specto 500 projector from eBay because I want a vintage projector to show my collection of 8mm films with. Although I have various more modern projectors, mostly Eumig machines, […]

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Winait 8mm film scanner first impressions

This is a short post which describes my initial impressions of the Winait 8mm film scanner which is used to convert 8mm home movie films into digital mp4 files. Update: I have had considerable problems with this unit which I’ve documented in this post. I would certainly not recommend anyone purchase one or any of the same machines made by Winait under different names. Why did I buy a Winait scanner? When I started thinking about the Found Film site about […]

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