Exakta Exa 500 35mm camera

The Exa line of cameras was an entry level 35mm camera made by Ihagee in Dresden, which was started as a model for people who didn’t want to go the the expense of the company’s Exakta range. Over the years, Ihagee made several models culminating in the Exakta Exa 500 which was the last model made. Exakta Exa 500 Images My Exakta Exa 500 Camera I bought my copy of the Exa 500 from ebay as a non working unit […]

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Some samples from a Meyer-Optik Primotar f/2.8 50mm

A few weeks ago I bought a Praktica IV 35mm slr which came fitted with a Meyer-Optik Primotar M42 mount, pre-set lens. As is my usual practice when I discover a new lens, I like to try it on a modern digital camera to see how it performs, so I attached this one to my Ricoh GXR A12 M Mount with a suitable adapter, and took some pictures during one of my morning walks about Stevenage. The Primotar is an […]

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Samples from a Steinheil Munchen Cassar S prime lens

This post is one of the series of posts I’ve written which just gives a short description and a collection of sample pictures from a vintage  manual lens used on a modern digital camera. Other posts in this series covered the Pentax 50mm f/1.7 prime, the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 prime and the Meyer-Optik Domiplan and this post covers the Steinheil Munchen Cassar S lens. Steinheil Munchen Cassar S lens The lens was acquired by me as part of a purchase of a […]

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Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/2.8 strip down and clean

I received another camera and lens combination a couple of days ago – a Praktica LB fitted with a Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/2.8 zebra lens. When I received it the focus ring was completely locked and the aperture wouldn’t close so this seemed to be another ideal candidate for a ‘strip down and clean’ post. It turned out this was a considerably more complex problem than the last lens I took apart and cleaned although I’m pretty sure that it’s […]

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