Agfa Colorflex strip down – part 1

A few weeks ago I acquired an Agfa Colorflex 35mm, fixed lens, slr camera which had a few problems with the shutter. In order to see what was wrong I needed to remove the shutter from the camera, and this short post shows the sequence I went through to do that. Removing the shutter from the camera body was a relatively easy operation, as the sequence above shows, but once I’d removed it I found that the camera had a […]

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Kodak Retina Reflex S re-assembly

A couple of weeks ago I completed the restringing of the exposure meter of my Retina Reflex S which left me with a clean and working shutter and body ready to assemble together again. Yesterday I completed that operation and got the shutter re-assembled onto the camera body. I have to say that this was probably the most awkward part of the whole re-assembly. It wasn’t exactly difficult, but I found it frustrating because I had to do it three […]

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Praktica B200 electronic camera review

The Praktica B200 was the first of the B series of cameras produced by Praktica in the late 1970’s. It offered manual and auto exposure, AE lock, ttl metering, exposure compensation, a new set of bayonet mount lenses and a new look compared to the earlier Praktica series. Praktica B200 Images My Praktica B200 Camera I bought this camera to complement the B100 I own which is a simpler, auto only camera. The Praktica B series only consisted of the […]

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