Beauty Beaumat 35mm camera.

The Beauty Beaumat is a 35mm rangefinder camera with a few rather interesting features which set it aside from some of the more ‘run of the mill’ rangefinder cameras which were produced around the same time, which was about 1960. Images of the Beauty Beaumat My Beauty Beaumat Camera I bought the Beauty Beaumat because I’d not seen one before, and it seems to be one of the more exotic models. It was bought from eBay for a few pounds from […]

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Agfa Colorflex strip down – part 1

A few weeks ago I acquired an Agfa Colorflex 35mm, fixed lens, slr camera which had a few problems with the shutter. In order to see what was wrong I needed to remove the shutter from the camera, and this short post shows the sequence I went through to do that. Agfa Colorflex Strip down pictures Removing the shutter from the Agfa Colorflex camera body was a relatively easy operation, as the sequence above shows, but once I’d removed it […]

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Kodak Retina Reflex S re-assembly

A couple of weeks ago I completed the restringing of the exposure meter of my Retina Reflex S which left me with a clean and working shutter and body ready to assemble together again. Yesterday I completed that operation this post covers the Retina Reflex S re-assembly. Retina Reflex S re-assembly images I have to say that this was probably the most awkward part of the whole re-assembly. It wasn’t exactly difficult, but I found it frustrating because I had […]

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Praktica B200 electronic camera review

The Praktica B200 was the first of the B series of cameras produced by Praktica in the late 1970’s. It offered manual and auto exposure, AE lock, ttl metering, exposure compensation, a new set of bayonet mount lenses and a new look compared to the earlier Praktica series. Praktica B200 Images My Praktica B200 Camera I bought this camera to complement the B100 I own which is a simpler, auto only camera. The Praktica B series only consisted of the […]

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