Finetta 88 35mm interchangeable lens viewfinder camera

The Finetta 88 is an attractive and interesting 35mm viewfinder camera with an interchangeable lens, 4 shutter speeds and a lightweight, aluminum construction. It was made in the mid 1950s in Germany. Finetta 88 Images My Finetta 88 Camera I’ve seen these cameras appear on eBay reasonably frequently but they always seem to be in a ‘buy it now’ sale and have a silly price tag. I’ve seen examples with prices up to £70 which just seems too much for […]

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Ilford sportsman 35mm viewfinder camera

This Ilford Sportsman is a camera which I inherited from my Dad a few years ago. It’s a simple 35mm viewfinder camera with a Dacora Dignar 45mm f/2.8 lens and was made about 1959. Ilford Sportsman Images Ilford Sportsman Description I’ve had this camera in a box in my office since the day Dad gave it to me and never really looked at it until today when I decided to dig it out. I had always assumed it was just […]

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Beier Beirette model 11

This is a short post about a 35mm viewfinder camera I bought this week – A Beier Beirette model 11. Beier Beirette Images This is different from the cameras I usually buy because it is a simple viewfinder camera with a non-removable lens. I normally buy cameras with a lens which will be useful on my Nex 6 but in this case I bought the camera because it is similar to the first ‘proper’ camera my Dad owned in the […]

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