Zenit E 35mm slr review

This is my review of a camera very popular from the late 1960s to the middle 1980s which was the first camera of many enthusiastic photographers, the Zenit E. Zenit E Images My Zenit E Camera This camera was bought as part of a job lot of 4 cameras I acquired a couple of weeks ago for the small sum of £9.49. I was quite pleased it was included in that mini collection, because I owned a Zenit B in […]

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Pentax SF10 35mm Autofocus SLR

This Pentax SLR comes from the SF range of cameras which Pentax introduced before the Z and MZ range, and were the first set of autofocus SLR cameras the company made. This model, the Pentax SF10 was also known as the SF7 and is similar in styling to the SFXn camera which I own, but is a rather simpler and more basic model than that. It was manufactured in about 1988. Pentax SF10 Images My Pentax SF10 Camera I purchased […]

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Edixa flex 35mm SLR camera

This is a review of the Edixa Flex, a nice and quite old 35mm slr camera which I acquired a few days ago from eBay uk. The camera was made around about 1958 by the German manufacturer Wirgin and has quite a high feature set for a camera of it’s age. For example, the viewfinder and focusing screens are replaceable, and the shutter release button has a lock to prevent it being accidentally fired. Edixa Flex Images My Edixa Flex […]

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Pentax MZ-50 35mm autofocus slr

It’s a bit odd thinking of this camera as an addition to my Vintage Camera Collection, because in many ways this feels like writing a post about a modern DSLR. The Pentax MZ-50 has all the features of a modern slr – auto focus, multiple exposure modes, scene modes, camera body control for aperture and shutter speed etc but instead of recording to a digital sensor it records to film. The subject of this post is the Pentax MZ-50 – […]

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Miranda Dr with 50mm f/1.9 lens

A review of a Miranda Dr 35mm film SLR from about 1961

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Zenit 11 and Zenit EM 35mm SLRs

These Zenit EM & Zenit 11 cameras are a new addition to my camera collection. I bought them primarily for the Helios 44M lens which was attached to each, however they are still historically of interest to me because the first ‘proper’ camera I owned was a Zenit E, and my Dad had one for a long time too. Zenit EM & Zenit 11 Images Although these camera’s are slightly different from the Zenit E I owned, the differences are […]

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