Miranda Sensoret 35mm camera

The Miranda Sensoret is a small, compact 35mm camera and was the only rangefinder model that Miranda made. It was available in chrome and black; this article reviews the chrome model. Miranda Sensoret Images My Miranda Sensoret Camera I found this camera on eBay amongst a series of cameras all being sold by the same person. They were all marked as ‘spares or repair’ and seemed to belong to a collection they had acquired and were disposing of. I almost […]

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Voigtlander Dynamatic II rangefinder camera

The Voigtlander Dynamatic II  camera is a 35mm, rangefinder, auto-exposure camera made by Voigtlander in the early 1960’s. It looks remarkably similar to my Voigtlander Vito B although it is a heavier and much more sophisticated camera. Voigtlander Dynamatic II Images My Voigtlander Dynamatic II camera I found this camera, as with most in my collection, on eBay. It was on with a starting bit of £4.99 and I added it to my watch list but missed the end of […]

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Taron Vr 35mm rangefinder camera

Up until a few days ago I had never heard of Taron as a camera make, but as I was searching through eBay for anything interesting to add to my collection, I discovered two which both looked interesting enough to take a punt at. They were both slightly more than I usually pay for vintage cameras, but I decided to give it a go and managed to get both with my first bid. One unit was a Taron Unique and […]

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Chinon 35 EE rangefinder camera

I’ve bought quite a few small 35mm rangefinder cameras lately, and this is the newest one I’ve acquired – a Chinon 35 EE. Chinon 35 EE Images Chinon 35 EE description This camera was made in about 1976 by Chinon and was also available as the Vivitar 35EE and was sold by Dixons in the UK as a Prinz 35E. It is a fully automatic exposure, small rangefinder camera of a type very common in the 1970’s. With quick loading, […]

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Mamiya 135 EE 35mm rangefinder camera

This post is a review of the Mamiya 135 EE, a small 35mm rangefinder camera made by Mamiya in about 1977. Mamiya 135 EE Images For the £10 it paid for it I received the camera, a National PB-3 flash gun, a case for the flash, a camera handbook for the Mamiya, a ‘focal Photo Guide’ entitled “All about Flash” and a small brown leather (or simulated leather) case for the camera. Although the camera is nice the item which […]

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Petri 7s II rangefinder camera

The Petri 7s II is a 35mm rangefinder camera manufactured sometime in the mid 1970’s. It was a replacement for the Petri 7s which was in turn itself a replacement for the original Petri 7 manufactured from about 1960. Petri 7s II Images I purchased my copy from eBay uk for about £8 a few months ago, and so far I’ve done nothing with it other than make sure that the shutter fires, the aperture at least opens and closes […]

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