Yashica MG-1 Battery

This is what I hope will be a useful tip to anyone who owns one of these or similar cameras. The MG-1 was designed to work with a 5.6 volt Mercury Cell which is no longer available, and in fact banned in most countries. I understand that they can work with a 6v cell if you can get one to fit, and that it’s possible to get adaptors to work with this camera. Well I’ve just discovered a simple way […]

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Yashica MG-1 35mm rangefinder

Another of my eBay purchases turned up,  a Yashica MG-1 rangefinder. At the moment I’ve sent for a battery and a black and white film which should turn up on Monday. Meantime I’ve completed a film through my Minolta Dynax 5 and I hope to have a post on that camera tomorrow.

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The advantages of Digital photography

I’ve recently purchased a few old 35mm cameras and because I’ve started to write a post about them I took one to work today with the intention of shooting some pictures for the post. I walked into work as well to maximise my photo opportunities and during the walk I started thinking about the advantages of Digital Photography over film photography. It was about 7:00 am when I set out on the 50 minute walk and I took a Pentax […]

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Vintage photography – printing your own pictures

There is a phrase I often hear – “This is where the magic happens”. It’s often used when we have a visitor to the office and I think – “it’s only software”. Well, the process of printing your own pictures really does feel like magic is taking place right in front of your eyes. The chemical process of printing your own pictures in black  & white is basically the same as for developing the film. There is a developing bath, […]

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New old cameras

My eBay purchases have turned up. I have a Pentax MZ-5 with Sigma 28-80 macro, a Minolta Dynax 5 with 28-80 & 75-300 and a Ricoh KR-10m. Initial impressions are very good, the Pentax and Minolta in particular look as if they have just come out of the show room. I hope to get a few pictures with each of them over the next few days and then write a longer post on each. Related articles New vintage cameras (simonhawketts.wordpress.com)

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New vintage cameras

I’m excited … By the wonders of eBay I have just acquired a Minolta Dynax 5 with 28-80mm, 75-300mm and 200mm Lens and a Ricoh KR-10 with what looks like a 50mm Standard Lens.  I also got a Pentax MZ-5 Semi Pro 35mm camera to add to my collection. I feel some new Vintage Camera posts coming …. I know that 35mm is considered dead but it’s leading to some incredible bargains at the moment. I honestly believe that these […]

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Vintage photography – processing

This will be unusual because it’s not a photo post, it’s a brief walk back in time to a point before digital cameras and HD displays to a time when taking a photo was a purely analogue process involving chemicals, mechanics and light. Choosing the right film When I go out with my Pentax k-5, I am fully equipped to deal with any photographic possibility – indoors or out, bright or dark, highly coloured or black & white – all […]

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Vintage Camera collection – Petri MF-1

Being an avid photographer I have owned a number of cameras over the last 40 or so years, many of which I no longer own. It’s a matter of regret now that I didn’t keep some of these cameras, although realistically I probably wouldn’t actually shoot any film on them even if I still owned them. Still, one of the first cameras I ever bought is the subject of this post – the Petri MF-1. The first SLR I owned […]

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