Minolta 16 sub-miniature 16mm film camera

The Minolta 16 camera was one of the early sub-miniature cameras Minolta made which took their 16mm film cartridges and produced negatives of 10 x 14mm. Minolta 16 Images My Camera I bought my example of the camera for about £5 and purchased it only to add to my growing collection of 16mm format cameras. It was on eBay with an opening bid of £4.99 and since no one else placed a bid that is what I got it for. […]

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Bell & Howell 200EE 16mm cine camera

The Bell & Howell 200EE cine camera is a clockwork driven, multi speed movie camera which takes a 16mm film cartridge and will run for up to 25 seconds on a single wind. Bell & Howell 200EE Images My Bell & Howell 200EE Camera To be honest I bought this 16mm cine camera as a pure impulse buy because I saw it for only £0.99 as a starting bid and saw that it had a cartridge of 16mm film in it […]

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Minolta 16 MG miniature 16mm camera

The Minolta 16 MG is the third 16mm miniature camera from Minolta that I’ve acquired and this model sits between the 16Ps and the 16QT in terms of features. As with all the other cameras in the series it takes a small 16mm film cartridge and is tiny enough to carry about for easy snap shot use. Minolta 16 MG Images My Minolta 16 MG Camera This camera was bought simply to add to the 16mm miniature cameras I own […]

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Minolta 16 QT miniature 16mm camera

The Minolta 16 QT was the last model 16mm still camera that Minolta made in their Minolta 16 series. Like others in the series the 16QT takes a cartridge of 16mm film, but this camera produces a slightly larger negative than earlier cameras. Minolta 16 QT Images My Minolta 16 QT Camera I bought this camera as a direct result of buying my Minolta 16 Ps a few days before. Once I’d received the Minolta 16 I became fascinated with […]

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Minolta 16 Ps sub miniature camera

The Minolta 16 Ps is one of a series of cameras made by Minolta which took 16mm film cartriges and were small, lightweight but well made and able to produce good results. The range started with the Minolta 16 in 1960 and the Minolta 16Ps was introduced in 1965. Minolta 16 Ps Images My Minolta 16 Ps Camera I bought this camera because it came up as I was browsing cameras on eBay and I’d never seen a Minolta 16mm […]

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