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    • Yashica Camera Reviews

      Yashica J-3 35mm SLR camera

      The Yashica J-3 is a 35mm Single Lens Reflex camera which was made in the early 1960s and features a useful range of shutter speeds, a built in light meter, a self timer and a universal M42 lens mount.
    • Family

      The River Avon at Stratford-on-Avon

      This is a picture of the River Avon in the town of Stratford-on-Avon, which I took quite a while ago when we were on holiday in Warwickshire. It is one of the pictures which I’ve not published before as an individual picture, but when I looked at it again today I decided I liked it enough to give it it’s own post. I remember I took it with a Minolta 505 Si Super 35mm autofocus camera and I think the...
    • Kodak Samples

      Excellent Kodak Retina Ysarex f/2.8 50mm lens on Fuji X-T1

      In this post I’m going to show some pictures I took on my Fuji X-T1 mirrorless camera using a vintage Kodak Retina Ysarex f/2.8 50mm lens, made by Rodenstock, which was supplied as a standard lens on the Retina Reflex series of cameras. Of course, the Kodak Retina Ysarex won’t fit onto a Fuji X-T1 without an adapter, so to shoot these pictures I bought a cheap adapter from eBay to fit the lens on the camera. In fact, the...
    • Argus Repairs

      Servicing the Argus A2F viewfinder camera

      Last week I picked up an Argus A2F viewfinder camera which I did a short review of here. I mentioned in that review that the shutter needed a clean and service, and this post covers the process I carried out whilst servicing the Argus A2F. Servicing the Argus A2F Images Servicing the Argus A2F Notes The actual procedure I used while servicing the Argus A2F is shown in the picture sequence above, but I’ll note down here anything which I...
    • Argus Camera Reviews
    • Minolta Camera Reviews
    • Favourite Pictures

      Favourite pictures – my Daughter Emma

      The picture below is another of my favourite pictures which I’ve not published on this site before. It’s a picture of my daughter which I took several years ago when she was only a little girl. I think the think which most strikes me about the picture, and which marks it out as one of my favourites, is the light in the picture. It was a very bright day, which led to a very high contrast picture and it particularly...
    • Nikon Camera Reviews
    • National Trust

      Lemonade bottle after a shower

      I’m continuing my archiving of photos to recover disk space, and I came upon this picture of a lemonade bottle sitting on a table which had been caught in a shower. It was taken on Fuji Superia 400 film (which I believe is being discontinued this year) using a Minolta 505 Super si camera. This is actually another picture from the ones I took on a visit to Snowshill manor but although it was included in those pictures, it hasn’t...
    • Pentax Lens Samples

      Pentax 28 to 90mm zoom sample pictures

      For anyone who owns a Pentax DSLR there are a whole host of K-Mount lenses available to use on it dating from the very first Pentax cameras to use the K-Mount, as well as lots of third party lenses which were also made with this almost universal lens mount. I have used several of these lenses and published the results on this site, but they have mostly been manual focus, prime lenses. I thought it would be interesting to see...
    • Reviews

      Evaluation of ON1 Photo Raw as a Lightroom user

      Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been evaluating a copy of ON1 Photo Raw with the thought of switching to it from Lightroom and I’ve written this post so I could share my thoughts. First some background. I didn’t actually decide to look around for a Lightroom replacement because I’m dissatisfied with Lightroom. I received a promotional email from ON1 about a discount being applied at the moment because a new version has just been released, and I thought...
    • National Trust

      Snowshill manor on film

      This is a picture which I took a couple of years ago of Snowshill manor on film; Specifically Fuji 400 Superia Xtra 400 film with a Minolta X-505 super camera. Although I’ve published a group of pictures from this location before, I was sorting through some images to decide which could be archived to save some disk space. and I was struck by how good this looked. There is a brightness and clarity in this image which I didn’t manage...
    • Linux

      Installing Ubuntu on an HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf102 laptop

      This is a non photographic post which is really just a notice for anyone trying to find out if it is possible to install ubuntu on an HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf102 laptop. I recently replaced my rather ancient HP Probook 4540s with one of these units couldn’t find any information on any forum or site which would tell me if it would work. By default the unit comes with a version of Window 10 installed, but I don’t personally use...
    • Cornerstone
    • Kodak Camera Reviews
    • Beauty Repairs

      Stripping down a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder camera

      A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder camera from eBay which had a variety of faults. Today I decided to see if it was repairable and so this post covers the procedure I used whilst stripping down a Beauty Beaumat. Images from striping down a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder. Normally in these type of posts I would write a description of what I did and try to point out any particular areas of difficulty to look...
    • Beauty Camera Reviews
    • Eumig Camera Reviews
    • Blogging

      Building an 8mm Telecine machine – Part 1

      This is the first part of a series which may take several months to complete, but which I hope will eventually describe the process I’ve used to build an 8mm telecine machine from an old Eumig dual format projector. The driver for doing this is the failure of the Winait machine which I bought in September, which has proved to be defective and which I’ve subsequently rejected via the Amazon A-Z guarantee. Since I can’t use that device to convert...
    • Photography

      Vintage camera repair index

      This vintage camera repair index page lists all the repair posts on the site which deal with vintage cameras and lenses. I’ll just point out that I am not a professionally trained repair technician, so although I hope you find these articles helpful, please read them in light of that information.  

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