Compaq/HP 8710W Laptop running Ubuntu Linux

Just in case it’s useful to anyone who may be wondering if they can run Ubuntu on a Compaq / HP 8710W laptop I can tell them that you can. I’m running the Intrepid 8.10 release on one of these and I have all the hardware I use running ‘out of the box’. The only thing I can think of which doesn’t work is the Finger Print reader which isn’t a great loss, although I’ve no use for the firewire […]

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Samsung LE40A656 LCD TV

We bought one of these 40″ LCD TVs about 7 months ago and I have to say that it’s stunning. It’s a full HD 1080P set with 4 HDMI inputs as well as component and a couple of scarts. We run it from a Virgin media V+ box set and the picture quality in HD is exceptional. The only problem we had was to do with the sound. Whilst I was playing around with the various settings when we initially […]

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Migrating Linux Distribution

I’ve been using Gentoo Linux for about the last 5 years and I’ve generally been quite happy with it, but over the last few months I’ve found that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to install packages without dependency problems or broken packages.About two years ago I decided to try Ubuntu on my Laptop and it was so successful that I decided to swap my main desktop machine as well. The big problem with this is that because I use this machine […]

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Unix Timestamp Conversion

I use unix timestamps to store dates in databases because I find it an easy way to do maths with the dates. One drawback of course is that I can’t tell what a date is by just looking at the number so I was trying to find a calculator app which would do the conversion. Although there are bound to be loads I couldn’t find one which would allow me to quickly highlight a number and convert it to a […]

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