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I acquired a Rank Mamiya Auto-Lux 35 Fixed lens SLR fitted wit ha copal-X shutter a few days ago and
Miranda D shutter repair  - frame advance assembly revealed
My battle with my Miranda D shutter continues so I get a bit more serious with the dismantling!
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I posted last week about the Miranda D-r 35mm SLR I bought from eBay and the condition of the Miranda
Miranda D-r shutter repair showing shutter released and bar in wrong position
I bought a new Miranda camera this week - a Miranda D-r which unfortunately had a few issues, the most
Miranda Sensomat shutter repair - applying oil
I have recently been increasing my collection of Miranda vintage cameras and along with a few other models I've acquired
Miranda Sensorex focus screen cleaning - Dirty screen
My recently acquired Miranda Sensorex has a few of issues which I need to put right including re-greasing the lens
Miranda Fv with TTL viewfinder
I recently bought a Miranda FV 35mm SLR camera which has a TTL metered viewfinder fitted. I got the camera
Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.9 strip down and repair - lens before any work started
Strip down and cleaning instructions for an Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.9 lens which had iris blades contaminated with oil.
Domiplan 50mm f/2.8
This post describes the procedure to strip down and clean a Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan lens which had sticky aperture blades
Helios 44M focus thread cleanup -  lens
This post describes the procedure I used on my Helios 44m prime lens after I discovered the focus ring was sticky