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Petri FTII 35mm slr front view with lens fitted
This is a review/description of the Petri FTII 35mm camera which was made in about 1971 by Petri in Japan.
Pentax MZ-5n with mirror stuck in up position
A while ago I bought a nice clean Pentax MZ-5n 35mm SLR body for £18 from ebay which was described
The speed plate has a spring under which will pop up if you don't hold it
Today I started the clean up and repair of my Pentax K1000 and the first job was the removal of
Repairing a Pentax ME - Linkage still connected to the motor drive shaft on the Pentax Super Program
This post deals with repairing a Pentax ME film transport. I have a few Pentax ME style cameras which have
Praktica Super TL slow speed clean and lubricate - Escapement out of the camera with spring refitted
A few days ago I received a Praktica Super TL 35mm camera which had a problem with the slow speeds.
Auto Takumar 55mm f/2.2 strip down - blades assembled in the aperture
This post describes my experiences stripping down, cleaning, lubricating and repairing an M42 mount Auto Takumar 55mm f/2.2 lens which
Agfa Ambi Silette shutter repair - speed setting plate removed
A little while ago I managed to acquire an Agfa Ambi Silette 35mm rangefinder camera which, I discovered on receipt,
Agfa Ambi Silette 35mm rangefinder camera - cover down
A couple of weeks ago, I managed to pick up a camera which I'd been on the look out for
View of the mirror release cog on the Spotmatic ES
This post shows how to repair a Pentax Spotmatic stuck mirror, which is a common problem with this iconic camera
Kowa SE 35mm slr strip down - lens reassembled to the body
This is the final post in the series about the repairs I carried out on my Kowa SE fixed lens