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Ciro-Flex TLR  shutter strip down - shutter blades re positioned
Ciro-flex TLR shutter strip down and service
A couple of weeks ago I picked up a nice Ciro-flex Twin Lens Reflex camera from eBay for a few Read more.
Exakta Exa 500 shutter removed from body
Ihagee Exa 500 slow speed repair
This post looks at the process I needed to carry out when I fixed the slow speeds on my Exa Read more.
Exakta Exa II shutter repair  - Film transport shaft
Exakta Exa II shutter repair
Over the last couple of days I’ve been stripping down and repairing my Exakta Exa II 35mm slr which had Read more.
Topcon Wink E Mirror strip down
Topcon Wink E Mirror strip down – part one
A couple of weeks ago I bought a Topcon Wink E Mirror 35mm slr for a few pounds on eBay Read more.
Agfa Colorflex shutter removal
Agfa Colorflex strip down – part 1
The procedure I used to strip down an Agfa Colorflex Single Lens Reflex camera. Read more.
Yashica TL Elextro X repairs - screw above lens mount.
Yashica TL Electro X repairs
The Yashica TL Electro X was one of the first 35mm film SLR cameras to feature electronic display of exposure Read more.
Agfa Karat 12 re-assembly - camera complete
Agfa Karat 12 re-assembly
Over the last few days I’ve been cleaning and repairing the film advance and shutter on my Agfa Karat 12 Read more.
Image of a compur rapid shutter as part of a post on compur shutter clean
Agfa Karat 12 Compur shutter clean up
This post describes the process I used to carry out a Compur shutter clean as the next part of my Read more.
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Cleaning and servicing the Agfa Karat 12 film advance.
In this post I describe the process I used to clean and service the Agfa Karat 12 film advance mechanism. I Read more.
Retina Reflex S re-assembly - refitted prism
Tricky Kodak Retina Reflex S re-assembly
This post covers the tricky re-assembly of the Retina Reflex S shutter to the body Read more.