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Ricoh KR-10 super 35mm single lens reflex
This is my pictorial review of the Ricoh KR 10 Super, a 35mm film camera which was manufactured for Ricoh
Praktica Nova 1B 35mm slr
This is a review of the Praktica Nova 1B which was manufactured by the Pentacon company from 1967.
Lubitel 166B TLR
A look at the Russian made Twin lens reflex camera, the Lubitel 166b which was made in the early 1960s
Beier Beirette model 11 viewfinder camer
This is a short post about a 35mm viewfinder camera I bought this week - A Beier Beirette model 11.
Zenit EM & 11
The Zenit 11 and Zenit EM are 35mm film SLRs of a fairly basic design. There is an in built
Canon T70
This camera was the second in canon's T series of manual focus, 35mm SLR's following on from the T50.
Pentax spotmatic sp1000 front view with lens fitted
This is a post about the latest addition to my vintage camera collection - a Pentax Spotmatic SP1000.
Ricoh KR-10m
A look at the Ricoh KR-10M 35mm SLR film camera made in about 1990.
Praktica PLC 3 35mm slr camera
This post describes the Praktica PLC 3 35mm film camera which was made by Pentacon in Germany in 1976.
Petri 7s II rangefinder
A descriptive post about my Petri 7s II rangefinder camera which I bought recently