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Miranda Sensorex EE2 35mm slr camera
A review of another classic 35mm film camera and another Miranda - this time a Miranda Sensorex EE2 from about
Miranda Sensomat RE 35mm slr camera
A review of a great classic 35mm camera and the latest addition to my camera collection - the Miranda Sensomat
Cosina CT-1 35mm slr
A review of the cosina CT-1 which formed the basis of many entry level manual cameras in the mid 1970's.
Miranda Fv 35mm slr
A review of a vintage 35mm film camera the Miranda Fv with a TTL metering viewfinder. Although long gone, the
Topcon IC-1
A review of the Topcon IC-1 35mm camera which had some interesting, if quirky features.
Praktica LB fitted with domiplan lens
A review of the Praktica LB 35mm SLR from 1971 fitted with an M42 mount Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Domiplan
Fed 4 35mm rangefinder film camera
A review of a classic Russian 35mm rangefinder camera the Fed 4 model b fitted with an industar 61 50mm
Topcon Unirex
A review of a classic vintage camera the Topcon Unirex. Featuring auto exposure, a leaf shutter and two metering modes
Mamiya ZM Quartz 35mm slr camera
A review of a Mamiya ZM Quartz 35mm film camera from 1981, the latest addition to my vintage camera collection.
Minolta X-300
A review of a classic 35mm film camera - the Minolta X-300 fitted with the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens.