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Find a Camera 1
Pentax MZ-50 auto focus 35mm slr
The Pentax MZ-50 has all the features of a modern slr - auto focus, multiple exposure modes, scene modes, camera
Find a Camera 2
A review of an entry level 35mm slr from the 1970's - the fujica stx-1.
Pentax ME Super
A short review of the Pentax ME super 35mm camera which was one of Pentax's first 'miniature' cameras.
Miranda Sensorex EE Front view of Auto Sensorex EE
My review of my Miranda Sensorex EE 35mm camera which was produced by the orignal, pre Dixons Miranda company in
Pentax S1a 35mm slr front view
A review of the Pentax S1a which was a cut down version of the Pentax S3 slr (or SV in
Miranda G 35mm slr camera
A review of the Miranda G system camera. With mirror lockup, replaceable focusing screens and replaceable viewfinders this was a
Hanimex Topcon RE Auto
A review of the Topcon Uni 35mm film slr which was also sold as the Hanimex Topcon RE Auto.
Miranda Fm 35mm slr camera
A look at my Miranda Fm 35mm film camera which was made in Japan in about 1964.
Miranda Dr 35mm SLR
A review of a Miranda Dr 35mm film SLR from about 1961
Miranda Sensorex 35mm slr camera
My quest for Miranda cameras continues and this week I've found another classic - the Sensorex. Replaceable viewfinders, TTL averaged