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  • Pentax Lens Samples

    Pentax 28 to 90mm zoom sample pictures

    For anyone who owns a Pentax DSLR there are a whole host of K-Mount lenses available to use on it dating from the very first Pentax cameras to use the K-Mount, as well as lots of third party lenses which were also made with this almost universal lens mount. I have used several of these lenses and published the results on this site, but they have mostly been manual focus, prime lenses. I thought it would be interesting to see...
  • Pentax Lens Samples

    Some samples from an Pentax-M SMC 28mm f/2.8 lens

    This is a post in a series which I’ve written to show sample pictures obtained with inexpensive vintage lenses fitted to a modern digital camera. In this case the lens is an Pentax-M SMC 28mm lens fitted to a Pentax K5 DSLR. I bought this lens as part of a kit with a Pentax Program A camera a few weeks ago. Since I only paid a few pounds for both the camera and the lens I think it certainly fits...
  • Pentax Lens Samples

    Pentax-M SMC 80-200mm f/4.5 zoom on Sony Nex 6

    This is a review of the Pentax-M SMC 80-200mm f/4.5 zoom lens in K mount when used on a Sony Nex 6 mirrorless camera. Images of the Pentax-M SMC 80-200mm This is one of those lenses which I acquired as part of a camera buy on eBay. The camera (a Pentax MZ-7) unfortunately stopped working the same day as I received it but this lens came with it and although it obviously wasn’t originally paired with that camera, since I...
  • Pentax Lens Samples

    Samples from an SMC Pentax A f/1.7 50mm prime

    This is a short post with a few pictures I snapped over the last few days with an SMC Pentax A f/1.7 50mm prime lens (75mm on aps-c) fitted to my Sony NEX 6 mirrorless camera. SMC Pentax A f/1.7 50mm samples I acquired this SMC f/1.7 50mm lens when my Dad gave me his Pentax P30 a couple of years ago. It is the standard lens which was supplied with that, and when I received it the lens became...

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