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  • Ricoh Samples

    Ricoh GXR Leica A12 Macro pictures

    Today I want out with my Ricoh GXR Leica A12 camera, fitted with a Tamron 90mm Macro lens, to take some macro photos on a piece of waste ground at the bottom of our street. This is a fairly common occurrence at this time of year, when the weather is nice, but I found it a bit of a frustrating experience. Normally, I can set whichever camera I’m using to manual focus and use the focus peaking mode of the...
  • Ricoh Samples

    Ricoh G600 sample pictures

    Last week I wrote a review of the Ricoh G600 ruggedised camera, and over the last couple of days I’ve been trying the camera out and taking some test pictures with it. Ricoh G600 Sample Pictures Ricoh G600 Shooting Experience and results In common with most compact cameras the G600 doesn’t have an optical viewfinder and therefore the LCD has to be used to compose and review pictures. Although LCDs generally are really not good for this, I found the...
  • Ricoh Samples

    Ricoh R1v Sample pictures

    A few days ago I posted an article reviewing my Ricoh R1v digital compact camera and today I’m going to add to that post by describing my experiences of shooting with it, and show some Ricoh R1v sample pictures. First, for the impatient, here are the pictures. Ricoh R1v sample pictures In order to try the Ricoh R1v out, I took a walk around the old town area of Stevenage this morning and used the camera in the way it...
  • Ciro-Flex Samples

    Ciro-Flex sample pictures

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a Ciro-Flex medium format twin lens reflex camera which needed a little bit of work to get it cleaned up and working. Once I’d done that, I loaded it up with a roll of Fuji Pro 160 colour negative film and took a walk round Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage to try the camera out. Ciro-Flex sample pictures These pictures can be viewed full sized here. Ciro-Flex Shooting Experience The Ciro-Flex is a...
  • Pentax Camera Samples

    Pentax Program A sample pictures

    I’ve had a film in my Pentax Program A 35mm camera since a couple of weeks after I bought it and I’ve been taking occasional pictures with it over the last year or so. Because there was still film remaining in the camera, when we recently spent a week in Derbyshire the Program A was one of the camera that I took with me to complete the film and get it developed. It was only after I’d completed it and...
  • Weltaflex Samples

    Weltaflex TLR shooting experience

    This morning I took my Weltaflex TLR with me for a walk round a rather cold and frosty Fairlands Park in Stevenage to try it out. At first I considered loading a roll of Provia 100F into the Weltaflex because I’ve received a 5 pack of this medium format slide film as a birthday present and I’m dying to give it a go, but in the end I decided that it makes more sense to try the camera out with...
  • Olympus Samples

    Olympus E500 sample pictures

    Over the last few days I’ve taken my Olympus E500 with me on various walks and on a trip to Cambridge I had to make for work. In this post I’m going to publish the best of the Olympus E500 sample pictures I took and give my impressions of shooting with this camera. Olympus E500 sample pictures The first thing which struck me about using the camera wasn’t really a feature of the camera at all but a feature of...
  • Fujica Samples

    Fuji S2 Pro digital camera – part two

    This is the second part of my look at the Fuji S2 Pro digital camera. In the first part I looked at some of the general functionality of the camera, and related how I managed to acquire my copy. In this part I’m going to share my experiences of using the camera, and show some more sample pictures from it. Fuji S2 Pro Shooting Experience My general experiences of using the camera are that it is quite a big unit...
  • Minolta Samples

    Minolta Dynax 700si sample pictures

    Over the last few weeks, since I got my Minolta Dynax 700si, I’ve been carrying it around with me to test it out and get some sample pictures. When we were on holiday in Lincolnshire recently I completed the film and yesterday I developed it so today I’m posting the Minolta Dynax 700si Sample pictures. Minolta Dynax 700si Sample Pictures I took the pictures at a variety of locations including a party at my Sister’s house and Gunby Hall in...
  • Zeiss Ikon Samples

    Contaflex III sample film

    Over the last week or so I’ve been running a test film through my Zeiss Ikon Contaflex III 35mm slr and a couple of days ago I finished the film and developed it so this post is to publish the Contaflex III sample pictures. To carry out the test I used a roll of FP4+ which I loaded in a re-sealable canister from a bulk loader. I used a light meter app on my phone to meter the exposure and...
  • Kodak Samples

    Kodak Brownie reflex samples and shooting experiences

    A week or so ago I bought a pair of Kodak Brownie Reflex vintage cameras and found one had a reel of  partially exposed 127 film in. A couple of days ago I took the camera with me as I went for a walk round the town, and these are my experiences of shooting with it and the Kodak brownie reflex samples I obtained. Kodak Brownie reflex sample pictures As I described in my descriptive post about the cameras, I...
  • Olympus Samples

    Olympus OM-2 sample pictures

    Yesterday I loaded up my Olympus OM-2 with a reel of Kodak colourplus 200 colour film and headed off to the sailing lake in Stevenage at Fairlands Valley Park to give the camera a test run. Since the OM-2 is a camera which I’ve wanted to own since I was a teenager, I was interested to see how it actually performed when I could finally take it out for a film test. The pictures below show the Olympus OM-2 sample...
  • Minolta Samples

    Minolta X-700 sample pictures.

    A few weeks ago I published a review of the Minolta X-700 35mm slr and in this follow up post I’m going to publish the Minolta X-700 sample pictures from the first film I’ve run through the camera. I loaded the camera with a reel of Kodak Colorplus 200 film and took it about with me for a few days whilst I went to Loughborough in Leicestershire and Reading in Berkshire. All these pictures were taken using the standard 50mm...
  • Pentax Camera Samples

    Pentax MZ-3 sample photographs

    This post is to show the Pentax MZ-3 sample photographs I took from the first film I ran through my Pentax MZ-3 camera last week. Because I was taking some pictures of bluebells in a close by wood, I used a roll of Agfa Superia 800 ISO film in order to enable me to use handheld shutter speeds in quite a low light situation. Pentax MZ-3 sample photographs I tried both Aperture Priority and Program mode on the MZ-3 while...
  • Pentax Camera Samples

    Pentax Z-20 sample photos

    Last night I developed the first film I’d run through my Pentax Z-20 slr and this morning I’ve scanned the resultant negatives so this post is to highlight the Pentax Z-20 sample photos. Pentax Z-20 sample photos My first impression is that the negatives are a little under exposed and flat. As they were scanned, the histogram for each negative was very bunched up in the centre of the display and therefore the entire dynamic range of the picture was...
  • Pentax Camera Samples

    Pentax Super Program sample pictures

    It was a couple of months ago I acquired a Pentax Super Program 35mm camera and I’ve just developed my first film from it, so I thought I’d publish a follow up post describing how I found the camera to shoot with and to feature the Pentax Super Program sample pictures. Pentax Super Program Sample Pictures First a few details about the photos. The camera was loaded with a roll of Kodak ColourPlus 200 film which I exposed at box...
  • Bronica Samples

    Bronica ETRsi Sample photos on Portra 160 film

    I bought my Bronica ETRsi medium format camera a couple of weeks before Christmas last year and as I’ve just developed my first roll of Portra 160 Colour film exposed in it I thought I would use this post to highlight the Bronica ETRsi sample photos. Bronica ETRsi sample photos Although I’ve developed a couple of 35mm colour films before, this is the first roll of medium format film, and the first roll of Portra I’ve developed, so I was...
  • Pentax Camera Samples

    Pentax P30t sample pictures

    This week I wanted to test my colour film development process and I exposed a reel of Kodak ColorPlus 200 in my Pentax P30t to do that. I’ve already posted on the development process – this post is to cover the use of the P30t and to highlight the Pentax P30T sample pictures. Pentax P30T sample pictures. I took most of these pictures when I went to Reading in Berkshire for a day in the office on Tuesday, and it...
  • Voigtlander samples

    Voigtlander Bessa 66 sample pictures

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been carrying my Voigtlander Bessa 66 folding camera with me loaded with a reel of Ilford HP5+ in order to test how the camera performs. Being a very old camera (made sometime between 1938 and 1941) it’s always possible that there is a leak in the bellows, a problem with the lens or some other issue and there may be nothing on the negatives at all, but that moment of extracting the developed film...
  • Olympus Samples

    Olympus Trip 35 sample pictures.

    Yesterday evening as I was sorting through my vintage camera collections and storing some models away, I found that my Olympus Trip 35 was loaded with a mostly exposed film which I must have started when I first obtained the camera. Rather than put the camera away with a part exposed film still in it, I took the last few exposures (about 4) around the house and developed the film. This post therefore shows the Olympus Trip 35 sample pictures...

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