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    Kodak Retina III S rangefinder repair

    I recently bought a Kodak Retina III S rangefinder camera in a faulty condition, and this post shows the actions I took to repair it. The camera was advertised on eBay as non-working, with the fault conditions being that the rangefinder didn’t move when the focus was adjusted, the meter was unresponsive to light, and the shutter was loose on the camera. The seller also pointed out the the camera had a rattle. Because I don’t have the Kodak Retina...
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  • Kodak Repairs

    Retina Reflex S exposure meter restringing

    The next part of my Kodak Retina Reflex refurbishment was to replace the meter cord with new string because on both of my donor cameras it had broken and this post explains how I did that. The first problem I had was to find some suitable cord to use. It needs to be strong enough to withstand being moved across pulleys and be held under tension, but also thin enough to fit in the very narrow groves and channels. Retina...
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    Kodak Retina Reflex S shutter repair

    Having stripped down and successfully cleaned and re-assembled the film advance mechanism on my Retina Reflex, the next part I needed to get working was the shutter, and this post documents how I carried out the Retina Reflex S shutter repair. Retina Reflex S Shutter repair Images Again I am indebted to the article on the Retina Reflex site which explains how to carry out the strip down and rebuild of the retina reflex s shutter. With the shutter unit...
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    Rebuilding the Kodak Retina Reflex S film advance

    A couple of days ago I stripped down one of my Retina Reflex S cameras with the aim of making one good camera from the parts of the two I have. Well today I started the re-assembly operation with the Retina Reflex S film Advance assembly. Retina Reflex S Film Advance Images My original aim was to strip down the worse of the units and re-assemble it as a practice before I did the same to the better unit. I...
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    Stripping down a Kodak Retina Reflex S

    As I said in my last post I have a couple of Kodak Retina Reflex S cameras which I bought as non working units with the intention of hopefully making a good working unit from the two. I’d just done an initial assessment when I wrote my last post, but now I’ve looked in more detail and I’ve found that one of the units is in a much worse state than the other one. Therefore, I’ve decided to strip that...
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    A lesson learned – and a guide for others

    Over the last few days I’ve been refurbishing a Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera which I picked up as a non working model from eBay. Having stripped down the shutter and got it fully working, and then cleaned up the focus of its gummy grease, the last step in the process was to refit the shutter to the camera body and make sure the cocking mechanism was properly coupled to the film advance. Fitting the shutter is a relatively...
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    Cleaning the focus mechanism on a Kodak Retina IIc rangefinder

    This post describes the antics I went through when I cleaned the focus mechanism in my Kodak Retina IIc rangefinder. This followed on from cleaning the shutter, so the shutter was removed from the camera when I started this operation. Kodak Retina IIc focus images The first part of the operation was to remove the plate which transmits the position of the focus helicoid to the rangefinder on the top of the camera. This is removed my taking out two...
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    Cleaning the Compur Synchro shutter from a Kodak Retina IIc rangefinder camera

    In my last post I described how I removed the shutter from my Kodak Retina IIc camera, and in this post I’m going to describe how I stripped down and cleaned the slow speed regulator and self timer on the compur synchro shutter. Although I have carried this procedure on other compur shutters, I still found a lot of guidance for this on the retina rescue site and I would recommend anyone who needs to work on these cameras to...
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    Removing the shutter from a Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder

    In my last post I described how I removed the top cover from my recently acquired Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder in order to remove dust particles and check the condition of the cocking rack. In this post I’m going to describe how I removed the lens rear element for cleaning, and also removed the shutter assembly so I can clean the shutter and get the camera’s slow speeds working again. Kodak Retina IIc shutter Images As with the top...
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    Kodak Retina IIc top cover removal

    This afternoon I took the top cover off my Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera and I just wanted to publish some pictures to help anyone who needed to do the same operation. Although it was an easy job, I always think it is easier if you know what is under the cover before you take it off, so hopefully these pictures may be useful to someone. Retina IIc top cover removal images Top cover removal procedure Removing the top cover...
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    Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera

    The Kodak Retina IIc 35mm rangefinder camera was one model of a long line of cameras which Kodak made from the mid 1930’s through to the late 1950’s. It was one of the later models, and was made in the mid to late 1950’s. Kodak Retina IIc Images My Kodak Retina IIc Camera I bought this camera to increase my somewhat limited Kodak Retina collection. Since I only had a Retina IIa prior to this purchase I doubled my collection with...

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