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    Kodak Retina III S rangefinder repair

    I recently bought a Kodak Retina III S rangefinder camera in a faulty condition, and this post shows the actions I took to repair it. The camera was advertised on eBay as non-working, with the fault conditions being that the rangefinder didn’t move when the focus was adjusted, the meter was unresponsive to light, and the shutter was loose on the camera. The seller also pointed out the the camera had a rattle. Because I don’t have the Kodak Retina...
  • Argus Repairs

    Servicing the Argus A2F viewfinder camera

    Last week I picked up an Argus A2F viewfinder camera which I did a short review of here. I mentioned in that review that the shutter needed a clean and service, and this post covers the process I carried out whilst servicing the Argus A2F. Servicing the Argus A2F Images Servicing the Argus A2F Notes The actual procedure I used while servicing the Argus A2F is shown in the picture sequence above, but I’ll note down here anything which I...
  • Beauty Repairs

    Stripping down a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder camera

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder camera from eBay which had a variety of faults. Today I decided to see if it was repairable and so this post covers the procedure I used whilst stripping down a Beauty Beaumat. Images from striping down a Beauty Beaumat rangefinder. Normally in these type of posts I would write a description of what I did and try to point out any particular areas of difficulty to look...
  • Agfa Repairs, Featured

    Agfa Karat Art Deco film advance repair

    A few weeks ago I bought an Agfa Karat Art Deco camera with a few faults, and this post is an update on the steps I took to try to restore it to a fully working condition. There were several faults with the camera, but the first and probably the easiest to fix was the film advance, so this post deals with the Agfa Karat Art Deco film advance repair. I’ve worked on the film advance of the Karat series of...
  • Yashica Repairs

    Yashica 635 shutter removal

    This post shows the procedure for removing the Copal MXV shutter from the Yashica 635 medium format film camera which you may need to do if either the shutter speeds or self timer unit are not working correctly. I bought my Yashica 635 a few days ago from a seller on eBay, but the reason I got it was a bit different from the norm. I was contacted by someone who had a Yashica 635 which belonged to her father...
  • Agfa Repairs

    Agfa Karat viewfinder camera with strap lugs

    This is a very short pictorial review of the model of  Agfa Karat viewfinder camera which has strap lugs fitted to the top cover. In functionality, it is identical to the Agfa Karat f/3.5 which I covered in a previous post, so this article is just a description of my particular camera and some images of the camera. Agfa Karat Viewfinder camera Images My Agfa Karat Viewfinder Camera This camera was bought from eBay as a faulty unit with a...
  • Exakta Repairs

    Exakta Varex IIb shutter repair and cleanup

    Yesterday I published a very brief post showing how I got the shutter out of my Exakta Varex IIb camera ready for the repairs I needed to do.  Today, I’m going to continue that theme by showing the Exakta Varex IIb shutter repair and cleanup process that I used to get the camera back to working order. Exakta Varex IIb shutter repair images As I said yesterday, once the shutter was out of the camera case I found that it...
  • Exakta Repairs

    Exakta Varex IIb strip down

    A couple of days ago I bought an Exakta Varex IIb body to go with my Exakta Varex IIa which I bought a few weeks ago. This camera was bought from eBay for only £10 because it needed a repair, so my first job when I received it was to get the shutter unit out in order to see what was wrong with it. Exakta Varex IIb strip down images The pictures above show the steps necessary to get the...
  • Agfa Repairs, Featured
  • Ciro-Flex Repairs

    Ciro-flex repair and clean up.

    A few days ago I published a post on the techniques I used to clean and service the shutter from my Ciro-flex TLR camera. Today I’m going to show the other things I needed to do to get the Ciro-flex repair finished and the camera fully cleaned up and ready to use. Ciro-flex Repair and clean up pictures The pictures below cover the items I’m going to discuss in the sections which follow. Viewfinder Other than the shutter the next...
  • Ciro-Flex Repairs

    Ciro-flex TLR shutter strip down and service

    A couple of weeks ago I picked up a nice Ciro-flex Twin Lens Reflex camera from eBay for a few pounds which was described as needing a little bit of work. One of the issues described was that the aperture blades were a bit stiff to adjust and when I received the camera I discovered (as I suspected) that the aperture blades needed to be cleaned up to remove some old grease and dirt which was sticking them together. This...
  • Exakta Repairs
  • Exakta Repairs

    Exakta Exa II shutter repair

    Over the last couple of days I’ve been stripping down and repairing my Exakta Exa II 35mm slr which had a fault with the shutter first curtain sticking in the frame and this post covers the process I used during my Exakta Exa II shutter repair. I’m happy to say I managed to get that fault fixed, and also cleaned up the focus screen, replaced the light seals and generally cleaned up and re-lubricated the mechanism. The following describes how...
  • Topcon Repairs

    Topcon Wink E Mirror strip down – part one

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a Topcon Wink E Mirror 35mm slr for a few pounds on eBay and I spent a couple of hours today stripping it down to fix a problem with the shutter cocking. When I first received the camera I cocked the shutter once and the camera seemed to work properly. However, once I tripped the shutter I couldn’t get it to cock again, and the shutter blades were closed, so I started to...
  • Agfa Repairs
  • Yashica Repairs

    Yashica TL Electro X repairs

    The Yashica TL Electro X was one of the first 35mm film SLR cameras to feature electronic display of exposure information in the viewfinder. It was first produced in 1968 when the majority of cameras used mechanical meter needles to display exposure  and so it represented a first step on the way to today’s electronic cameras. Yashica TL Electro X Repair images I found an example of this camera on eBay being sold as non-working but in very good cosmetic...

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