Checking a vintage camera’s uncoupled exposure meter

This is another article in my series about checking the health of vintage cameras in which I’m going to deal with checking an uncoupled exposure meter. There were a large variety of exposure meters fitted to cameras ranging from simple meters which just measure the amount of light, right up to complex systems which set the camera automatically for the correct exposure. I’m going to try to deal with all types in my ‘Checking the health of your vintage camera‘ […]

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Checking a vintage camera’s shutter

This post is the next in my series about testing the health of your vintage camera. It covers how to test the shutter which, along with the aperture, is one of the most important parts of any camera since it controls the amount of light reaching the film. Initially it covers focal plane shutters, but will eventually be expanded to cover other shutter types. If you’re not sure if your camera has a focal plane shutter then open the back of […]

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Checking a vintage camera’s aperture

One of the most important parts of any camera are the combination of shutter and aperture which determine how much light is allowed through the lens and onto the film. It’s also one of the most common problem areas for vintage cameras with aperture blades sticking due to oil contamination and focus rings becoming stiff from old grease and dirt. How you test the aperture depends to a great extent on if you are dealing with an automatic or a […]

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How to check the health of a vintage camera

This post attempts to answer the question ‘Is my vintage camera still working’? I started to write it as an answer to a comment when a reader asked for help to determine if a camera she owned was working properly. However, after a few minutes it became apparent that it is too complex a question to answer as a simple comment reply so I thought I’d instead write a full post with some guidance and details of the sort of […]

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