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Zenit 11 and Zenit EM 35mm SLRs

These Zenit EM & Zenit 11 cameras are a new addition to my camera collection. I bought them primarily for the Helios 44M lens which was attached to each, however they are still historically of interest to me because the first ‘proper’ camera I owned was a Zenit E, and my Dad had one for a long time too. Zenit EM & Zenit 11 Images Although these camera’s are slightly different from the Zenit E I owned, the differences are […]

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Vintage camera collection – Canon T70

This is a brief post about the Canon T70 35mm SLR, which I purchased from eBay UK for £11.50 about 9 months ago. Canon T70 Images Canon T70 Description This camera was the second in canon’s T series of manual focus, 35mm SLR’s following on from the T50. It was introduced by Canon in about 1984 and was considered to be an advanced camera in it’s day being one of the first cameras to include a micro-processor to control the […]

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Pentacon electric 50mm f/1.8 review on Sony Nex 6

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about stripping and cleaning a Pentacon Electric 50mm f/1.8 manual lens and I included a few sample pictures with that post but I thought it would be interesting to do a more in-depth review of this readily available lens. I actually have two copies of this lens. The first, which was the subject of the post I mentioned above, and another one which came with a very good condition Praktica PLC3 35mm […]

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Star-D/Image lens review on Sony Nex 6

This is a short review of two lenses I picked up from eBay a couple of weeks ago when I bought a Minolta X300 SLR camera and they were bundled with it. I’ve named the lenses “Star-D/Image Lens” in the title of this post because, although both lenses are labelled as “Image MC Automatic”, I believe they are made by the same company that makes/distributes the Star-D lenses. In physical appearance they certainly seem to be the same, are made in […]

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Vintage camera collection – Weston Light meter

Another in my series about my vintage camera collection but this time something a bit different. It’s not a camera but a Weston light meter. In fact two Weston light meters – a Weston Master II and a Weston Master III. Weston Light meter Images These items are similar to the vintage lenses in my collection in that they are still useful and still fulfil the purpose that they were originally made for. Although I have several 35mm film cameras […]

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Samples with a Minolta 50mm f/1.7 prime

This is a post featuring some pictures I took today with a Minolta 50mm f/1.7 prime lens fitted to my Sony nex 6. It’s a similar post to one I did a while back on the Pentax 50mm f/1.7. Since the pictures were taken in the same locations around Stevenage, quite a few are of similar scenes so it’s possible to do some comparisons between the two lenses. Minolta 50mm f/1.7 sample pictures In many ways this lens is very […]

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Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/2.8 strip down and clean

I received another camera and lens combination a couple of days ago – a Praktica LB fitted with a Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f/2.8 zebra lens. When I received it the focus ring was completely locked and the aperture wouldn’t close so this seemed to be another ideal candidate for a ‘strip down and clean’ post. It turned out this was a considerably more complex problem than the last lens I took apart and cleaned although I’m pretty sure that it’s […]

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Pentax spotmatic SP1000

This is a post about the latest addition to my vintage camera collection – a Pentax Spotmatic SP1000. Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 Images My Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 This is a camera which I’ve wanted to own since I was a 12 year old boy and first realised what an iconic SLR the spotmatic was. Although I’ve seen them on ebay uk regularly over the last few years they have either been body only or a complete kit but with a ridiculous […]

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Auto Optomax 200mm telephoto lens on Sony Nex 6

This is a short review of the vintage M42 mount Auto Optomax 200mm f/3.5 telephoto lens when used on a Sony Nex 6 mirrorless camera. Although this lens is relatively cheap to purchase, the overall results obtained suggest that it is not a good buy. Auto Optomax 200mm Images This was another cheap lens which I picked up from EBay UK a few weeks ago. It’s a fixed focal length 200mm telephoto lens with a maximum aperture of f3.5 and […]

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Ricoh KR-10M 35mm slr camera

This is another post in my series about my vintage camera collection. The camera in question here is the Ricoh KR-10M, which is a manual focus 35mm camera made in about 1990. It is fitted with a Pentax K mount lens and has aperture priority auto exposure along with fully manual mode. My example has a Rikenon 35-70mm f/3.4-f/4.5 zoom lens fitted. Ricoh KR-10M Images Ricoh have quite a pedigree when it comes to camera manufacture, but were quite a […]

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Pentacon 30mm f/3.5 M42 lens on Sony Nex

This is a brief review of the Pentacon 30mm f/3.5 prime lens fitted with an M42 screw thread lens fitted to my Sony Nex 6 camera. Pentacon 30mm f/3.5 Images I bought this lens from E-Bay UK for £7 as a ‘sold as seen’ lens because it had some internal dust. Since lens of this vintage are normally reasonably easy to take apart I thought it was worth while trying it out to see what sort of performance I could […]

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Praktica PLC 3 slr camera

This post describes the Praktica PLC 3 35mm film camera. I actually have two copies of this camera because I bought one as a ‘spares or repair’ model from ebay just for the lens (a Pentacon electric 50mm f/1.8), and then I bought one in almost perfect condition a week or so later because I remembered that my brother had a praktica camera many years ago. I can’t exactly remember the model he has although I’m pretty sure it is […]

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Stripping and cleaning a Pentacon electric 50mm f/1.8

This week I made another purchase for my Nex 6 in the form of a Pentacon Electric 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. It actually came attached to a Praktica PLC3 slr which I purchased as ‘For spares or repair’ from e-bay for £13. When I received the camera I found that the description was quite accurate! The body is in reasonable condition but the shutter speed selection and the iso setting are not working properly, and when I tried to adjust […]

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Camdiox focal reducer real world examples

I have had a few opportunities to take a few more pictures with my camdiox wide angle adapter or focal reducer so as I said I would I have included them in a separate post. They are not specially interesting artistically, but they show the sort of technical image quality possible. I shall add more images to this post as I obtain them. All of the pictures below were taken with a takumar 28mm f/3.5 lens unless otherwise marked, and […]

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Takumar 55mm f/1.8 macros

This is a short post showing the macro performance of a Takumar 55mm f/1.8 m42 lens when a 16mm extension tube is mounted behind the m42 to nex adapter. With this combination I was able to focus down to about 4 inches away from the objects shown in the pictures which I found around the house and garden. The majority of these shots were taken at F/1.8 to emphasise the shallow depth of field and I carried out my normal […]

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