A collection of 8mm home movies

I’ve written before on this blog about collecting 8mm home movies and I’ve purchased several films over the last couple of years which I’m hoping to be able to digitise soon. Each of the films which I’ve bought has been quite interesting, but I’ve generally acquired films which were shot in the mid to late 1960s; this week however, I had quite a find when I picked up 20 8mm home movies which were shot from the early 1950s up […]

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8mm film quality compared to VHS-C tape.

It’s a busy time for me at the moment because I’m on holiday for a couple of weeks and instead of going away somewhere I’m doing some garden landscaping at home. However, in between bouts of digging and bricklaying, I’m also trying to take the next steps in my project to build an 8mm telecine machine. Because I haven’t made much progress on that project, a couple of weeks ago I purchased a few old VHS-C camcorder tapes because they […]

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Some samples from a Meyer-Optik Primotar f/2.8 50mm

A few weeks ago I bought a Praktica IV 35mm slr which came fitted with a Meyer-Optik Primotar M42 mount, pre-set lens. As is my usual practice when I discover a new lens, I like to try it on a modern digital camera to see how it performs, so I attached this one to my Ricoh GXR A12 M Mount with a suitable adapter, and took some pictures during one of my morning walks about Stevenage. The Primotar is an […]

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Nex 6 video clip sample.

I don’t often take video clips but while we were on holiday I did take this clip of my children on a fairground roundabout at Bressingham Steam and I thought it might be of use to anyone contemplating a sony Nex for video with fixed focus lenses. This video was taken with my Soligor 28mm lens with the aperture set to about f/5.6. I would think that a fixed focus lens would be an advantage whilst taking video as it […]

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