Photographic theory

An index of camera types

This post is meant to be an index of camera types which have been produced over the last hundred or so years. It will be added to as I get time and as I acquire new examples of the different types in my collection. Viewfinder camera The viewfinder camera, of the type show to the left, is a basic camera which was normally sold as a snapshot camera. The actual name ‘viewfinder camera’ just refers to the fact that the […]

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A Guide to metering modes

This post aims to provide a simple guide to metering modes available in cameras, and to provide the photographer with the information necessary to make the right choice when taking their picture. Introduction Single lens reflex cameras which have built-in, through the lens light meters, have been available for a number of years now; in fact they have been available since 1964 when Pentax introduced the Spotmatic model. On the face of it, the ability to measure light coming through […]

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How depth of field in photography works

An attempt to describe how depth of field (or depth of focus) in photography works.

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Macro photography options

I’ve always been interested in macro photography and I’ve tried many different techniques to try to take the best close up and macro pictures I can, so I thought I would do a post on the various options available and which ones I feel are best. Please note that in this field, as with everything else photography related, I am a completely self taught amateur so I’m not putting these ideas forward as gospel, simply my understanding of the subject. […]

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