Clarity adjustment in Lightroom

I use the Adobe Lightroom post production software for making adjustments to the RAW images I take on my Pentax K5 DSLR. I originally used Apple Aperture, but when the price of Lightroom dropped with the introduction of Lightroom 4 I gave it a try and was very impressed with it. One of the adjustments I have learned to use a lot is the Clarity slider in the presence section of the Basic Panel. If you search in the Lightroom […]

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How much should we post process ?

I’ve been taking photographs for many years. First with black and white film, then colour film and slides and now with a DSLR. Although processing was a part of the process with film and involved all sorts of techniques to improve the final image, I have always said to myself that I don’t do processing of digital images. I’ve always thought that I try to take the picture as I see it and don’t want to spend hours with photoshop […]

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