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    Fuji XT-1 Film Simulation modes

    One of the great features of the Fuji X series cameras is the Film Simulation mode which is available in-camera and allows you to take pictures with the look of some of Fuji’s classic film emulsions. Today, I decided to try this out and carried out a test on the Fuji XT-1 Film Simulation modes. This is probably not the only article you could find which carries out a similar sort of  test since the XT-1 is now 3 years...
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    Post-processing film scans in Lightroom

    A couple of years ago I wrote a post which described the steps I normally take when post processing pictures in Lightroom. The procedures I describe there are still the way I carry out post processing when dealing with digital images, but recently I’ve been taking more shots on 35mm film and I’ve found it is necessary to subtly change the way these images are dealt with in Lightroom, so these notes are going to describe this different workflow. I’ll...
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    Adding colour to a black and white photo in Photoshop

    As I said in a post a few weeks ago I’ve been scanning and repairing some pictures which my Father took over the last 50 odd years, as well as some taken by other members of the family going back even further. I’ve had to learn quite a few techniques in Photoshop like when to use the the spot repair tool and the clone stamp tool and I’ve managed to successfully repair some quite bad tears and damage. One thing which...
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    Photoshop effects – removing all colour except one

    I’ve seen an effect before which isolates a single colour in a picture – removing every colour other than the chosen one. In my experimentation with photoshop I found a way to do this which may or may not be the correct way (although I’m beginning to find that there are many ways to do the same things in photoshop). The way I achieved this effect was as follows: I started a new selection using the Select -> Colour Range...
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    Photoshop filters – radial blur 2nd attempt

    Yesterday I posted a picture which used the Photoshop radial blur filter to create an image which had quite a dramatic look and was noticeably different from the original. I thought the result was quite good but one comment I received was that the effect was not really appropriate for that type of filter. Having thought again about the picture I think the comment was a fair and reasonable one so I thought I would have a go at producing...
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    Photoshop filters – radial blur

    I’ve been playing with photoshop quite a lot lately because I’ve been scanning a lot of photos which my Dad took in the 1950s to 1970’s and cleaning them up and in some cases adding some colour. During my experiments and after watching some videos as part of the learning process, I’ve been trying out some filters and I made some changes I like to this picture of my Daughter which I originally took last year. Although I don’t normally...
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    Clone Stamp tool photo repairs

    Although I use Lightroom all the time I’ve not really used Photoshop that much since I joined Adobe Creative Cloud using the photographers cut down package last year. However a few weeks ago I had cause to try to recover some old photographs of my fathers which had been badly creased and damaged and found that Lightroom just can’t do that sort of job, so I turned to Photoshop. Using Clone Stamp in Photoshop This is certainly quite a common...
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    Processing scanned 35mm slides in Lightroom and Photoshop

    This is a post describing the steps I’ve taken to try to correct some colour casts and exposure problems with 35mm colour slides. I recently discovered a large box of 35mm slides which my Dad took in the 1960’s of our family. There are about 500 slides in total and I’m working through scanning them and getting them to look as good as I can. I am scanning them on an HP Photosmart C8180 Printer/Scanner using the inbuilt slide holder...
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    Experiments in Photoshop 2 – Photo retouching

    I have used the spot removal tool in Lightroom to good effect in the past to remove or paint over small areas in a picture and found it to be pretty effective. However for large objects or areas of pictures it doesn’t seem so effective. I thought that now I have access to the full Photoshop CC product I’d try to edit a picture with problems and see how much better photoshop is. The picture above is one of St...
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    Experiments in Photoshop 1 – Tilt shift filter.

    As I mentioned in my last post I have recently subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers membership which gives me access to the full Photoshop CC program – something I could never have justified as a standalone purchase. I have been experimenting with the various features and thought I would start a series of posts showing some of the results. The first effect I have been experimenting with is the tilt-shift filter. A tilt-shift lens is one where the...
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    RAW shot recovery in Lightroom

    This post covers the importance of shooting in RAW format when it comes to trying to recover pictures from badly exposed images using Lightroom, or any other RAW processor for that matter. RAW shot recovery in Lightroom In a recent post someone who added a comment remarked that they had not yet set their camera to store RAW images and were still shooting in jpeg.  This got me thinking about the effects of shooting in RAW and why it’s so...
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    Clarity adjustment in Lightroom

    I use the Adobe Lightroom post production software for making adjustments to the RAW images I take on my Pentax K5 DSLR. I originally used Apple Aperture, but when the price of Lightroom dropped with the introduction of Lightroom 4 I gave it a try and was very impressed with it. One of the adjustments I have learned to use a lot is the Clarity slider in the presence section of the Basic Panel. If you search in the Lightroom...
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    Moving pictures in Lightroom

    I’ve been finding over the last few months that the hard disk on my mac has been filling up and I decided this evening to try to do something about it. I have a 1Tb USB external drive which I’m using to move some of my older image files on to. If this is done within Lightroom the catalogue will still reference them and everything will work as normal when the external drive is plugged in. Because the pictures I’m...
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    How much should we post process ?

    I’ve been taking photographs for many years. First with black and white film, then colour film and slides and now with a DSLR. Although processing was a part of the process with film and involved all sorts of techniques to improve the final image, I have always said to myself that I don’t do processing of digital images. I’ve always thought that I try to take the picture as I see it and don’t want to spend hours with photoshop...

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