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    Taking a last drink

    This picture was taken just as the sun set over the boating lake at CenterParcs Elvden Forest and shows a bird in the foreground taking a drink at the waters edge. It was taken with a Fuji X-T1 and Fujinon 18-135mm set to 18mm and the exposure was manually set.  
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    London Zoo – 35mm slides from 1980 (part 2)

    This is a follow up to the post of a couple of weeks ago with some more pictures taken c1980 with either a Petri MF-1 or an Olympus OM-20 camera. Having sorted through some more of my Dad’s old box of slides I found a further two sets of colour slide films which I took during a visit to London zoo. These were all duplicated with a slide duplicator rather than scanned and I think they are better as a result....
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    Nex 6 Macro photographs

    This morning I took my customary walk around the field near our house to see what insects I could find before the Sun warmed them to the point where I wouldn’t be able to catch them. This post shows the Macro Photographs I took. Nex 6 Macro Photographs I found quite a variety of insects as I walked around – butterflies, ladybirds and flies, and I also managed to get some pictures of the red mayflies which were darting about...
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    Garden macro pictures

    I think one of the main reasons I like macro photography is because there are subjects everywhere you look. I went out this morning with my Sony Nex 6 and Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens and I’d found these willing insects within a few minutes just in my garden. I took these pictures at about 8am, and that’s a good time to be out taking macro photos because the sun hasn’t fully warmed the insects up so they are still...
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    The best of Mum’s Garden

    We went to visit Mum and Dad this bank holiday weekend and I took a few photos around Mum’s garden. These are the best of the pictures, which were all taken with a Sony Nex 6 using M42 mount manual lenses. Specifically the lenses I used were a 55mm f/1.8 Super Multi Coated Takumar, a 55mm f/2.0 SMC Takumar and a 135mm f/3.5 Super Multi Coated Takumar. Mum’s Garden Photos
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    I wish I had my macro lens today

    We have been away for a couple of days visiting my Sister in Norwich. I assumed that since she lives in a city the last thing I would need would be my macro kit so I only took my standard ‘takumar kit‘ with me. Unfortunately it turned out I was wrong as we went for a walk into the woods by her house and discovered there is a nature park next to the woods and a whole collection of small...
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    A walk round foggy bottom gardens

    This post is about the Foggy Bottom gardens which are at Bressingham gardens near Diss in Norfolk. We went the Bressingham to see the Steam Engines and discovered the Foggy Bottom gardens towards the end of the day when James and Emma were tired enough to allow us to walk around them.  Foggy Bottom Pictures The gardens were apparently designed by Adrian Bloom, and have grown in size since he started them in 1962 to cover an area of 6...
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    Bluebell woods in stevenage

    For many years when it gets to late April I have thought ‘I really must get to the bluebell woods in Stevenage and take some pictures’, and each year I’ve always managed to not quite make it there. Well this year was different and I finally managed to get to take some pictures of bluebells. These were all taken about a week ago, after we returned from holiday. Because my Sony Nex 6 has some dust on the sensor I...
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    Favourite Picture – Grounded Butterfly

    This is a picture I took at Dunwich National Trust nature reserve whilst we were completing a ‘Pirate treasure hunt’ with Emma. We had just completed a clue and this Peacock butterfly fluttered by and sat on the ground in front of me. Fortunately I had my Vivitar series one 70 – 210mm macro zoom fitted to the Nex 6 and I was able to fire off a couple of shots before he(she?) fluttered away. Although this picture isn’t in...
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    Orange tip butterfly

    I know the orange tip butterfly is not a rare or endangered species, but I’ve seen them flutter by me for the last 4 or 5 years since I’ve been interested in macro photography and I’ve never been able to get a shot of one. That’s why I was particularly pleased when I finally managed to get a half decent shot this morning of an early specimen which fluttered by me. We had been out for a walk when I...
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    A blanket of buttercups

    I was out again yesterday with my Nex-6 and Pentax smc 50mm f/1.7 prime lens and noticed the buttercups making a carpet of yellow under the trees next to the main route to Hertford, I thought is made a nice contrast to see the flowers slowly growing next to the busy main road so I got down low and took these shots with the cars an out of focus blur.  I had to use the back panel lcd on these...
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    Caught in the spot light

    We have a lovely sunny day here in the UK and I went into the garden to see what wildlife was about. This tidy spider was hanging in his web on a tree  and the sun light was directly behind him. I rushed inside before either he moved or the sun went behind a cloud and managed to take a few pictures using my Pentax K-5 and Tamron 90mm macro lens. This one is about the best I got at...
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    Lightroom post processing techniques – radial filter

    I like macro photography, but this post uses a macro photograph to point out a Lightroom 5 post processing technique I’ve started to use a bit which is Radial Filters. This pretty unremarkably picture of a fly was taken a few weeks ago and I’d mostly forgotten about it. But I was looking through the pictures I’d taken and realised that I could improve this one if I could blur the flower a bit and bring the fly into more...
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    Macro photography – small skipper butterfly

    This is another in my macro photography series, and this time features a small skipper butterfly. I took this picture in the priors wood area of Stevenage in August this year with what is now my standard macro photography kit consisting of my Pentax K5 and Tamron 90mm f/2.8. To get this picture I cropped from a bigger image to produce this more detailed and closer image. I think the interesting thing about this picture are the small ‘barbs’ which...
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    Macro photography – Hoverfly

    My favorite lens for macro photography is my 90mm Tamron f/2.8 and this picture was taken with that lens on my Pentax K5 in August this year. This is actually a crop from a larger image, but the resolution is good enough to still produce a good picture. I’m not sure of the species of hoverfly, but I found it sitting on a flower in our back garden as I was searching for subjects one afternoon. I did a bit...
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    High force waterfall

    During our holiday in the North East of England we visited the High Force waterfall in Forest-in-teesdale. After parking the car in the gift shop car park and purchasing our tickets, we walked down the graveled path to the waterfall which is about 400 yards or so from the car park. High force waterfall pictures I had taken my Pentax K-5 with me along with a Sigma 18-125mm HSM zoom and Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle zoom. I’d also taken my...
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    Macro photography – Red-and-black Froghopper

    As I was out on my now customary weekend ‘walk with my camera’ I spotted this very bright Orange and Black beetle nestling under a leaf in the undergrowth. I took several pictures, but this is the best as the insect’s face is in focus. I’m beginning to wonder if my Tamron 90mm F/2.8 has a small amount of back-focus as the majority of the other shots were focused slightly behind the head. If this is the case I can...
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    Cricket or Grasshopper ?

    This is another picture from my walk yesterday. I’m not sure if this is a cricket or grasshopper, but it was about 5mm in length,  sitting on a leaf sheltering from the cold and wind ! Tamron 90mm Pentax K-5 iso320 f/9.0 1/60 sec

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