Moving pictures in Lightroom

I’ve been finding over the last few months that the hard disk on my mac has been filling up and I decided this evening to try to do something about it. I have a 1Tb USB external drive which I’m using to move some of my older image files on to. If this is done within Lightroom the catalogue will still reference them and everything will work as normal when the external drive is plugged in. Because the pictures I’m […]

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London Skyline

I took this image of the London skyline from Alexandra Palace in September 2012. It caught my eye because I saw the Shard which had only recently been completed. The original raw image was processed in Lightroom, cropped to a wider aspect ratio and converted to black and white. I also had to raise the shadow detail a bit and cut the highlights to get a bit of detail in the sky and clouds. I deliberately kept the horizon low […]

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