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    Caffenol trial no 2

    I was fascinated last week to try my hand at developing film in caffenol. So fascinated that I decided I really needed to have another go to see if I could get better results, so this post describe my experiences during caffenol trial no 2. One thing which really needed to change was the tank I used. Last week I used my Agfa Rondinax daylight tank but all the film got bunched up in the centre of the reel and...
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    Fun with a tank of coffee

    I first heard about developing film using coffee a few years ago and I must admit I assumed that it was an April Fools joke, but a bit of further research revealed that it is not only possible but is actually capable of some pretty good results. So earlier this week I ordered some Washing Soda, Vitamin C and cheap Coffee (the constituent ingredients), loaded up my Miranda Fv with some FP4 black & white film and went out to...
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  • Film Photography

    Views around London from 1980

    I said a couple of weeks ago that I had discovered a whole load of colour slides in my late father’s office and that I am working through scanning them. In fact, I’ve discovered that I can get much better results by duplicating them using a slide duplicator I’ve bought and I’ve also discovered that not all the slides were ones that he took – some are pictures my bother took when he was in the merchant navy, and some...
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    London zoo – 35mm slides from 1980

    Whilst sorting through some of my Dad’s old 35mm slides a couple of days ago I found a whole series of slides which I took in 1980 after I’d just moved to Harpenden to start work. I remember taking a trip to London Zoo one Saturday with either my Petri MF-1 or possibly an Olympus OM-20, and taking these pictures. Although these are in no way very interesting pictures, I wanted to record them in a permanent way, hence this post. You...
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    Paris holiday in 1999

    This is a photography post with a difference – the pictures were all taken 15 years ago in November 1999 on a work social club weekend in Paris. Paris 1999 Photos I’ve been sorting through some old 35mm negatives and pictures and I found these pictures of Paris. As well as the negatives and prints I also have a CD with the scanned images on, which was a common addition in the late 1990’s – film was very much better...
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    Daylight film developing with a Rondinax 35u

    I this post I talk about my experiences of developing film in an Agfa Rondinax 35u Daylight developing Tank – sometimes also known as the Agfa Rodinax. I bought this tank a few months ago on EBay UK but hadn’t until now got round to trying it out.  It is a tank which doesn’t require the film to be loaded in darkness, because the film canister is placed into the tank and the film wound onto the development spiral with...
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    Vintage photography – printing your own pictures

    There is a phrase I often hear – “This is where the magic happens”. It’s often used when we have a visitor to the office and I think – “it’s only software”. Well, the process of printing your own pictures really does feel like magic is taking place right in front of your eyes. The chemical process of printing your own pictures in black  & white is basically the same as for developing the film. There is a developing bath,...

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