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    Fancy a challenge?

    The Found-Film site is now coming up to a year old, and I’ve got into a routine of adding new photos most days to make sure there is always fresh content on the site. As the months have passed, I’ve noticed that both my approach to the pictures I post and my thoughts as to the purpose of the site have changed. Initially, when I first thought about starting the site it was as a way of showing pictures I’d found on film discovered in my vintage...
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    Crich tram museum on Ilford HP5+

    When we recently visited the Crich tram museum I took quite a few pictures with my Pentax K5 DSLR and posted the pictures I was most pleased with a few days ago. As well as the K5, I also took along a Pentax MZ-3 loaded with Ilford HP5+ film, and although I’ve posted some of the pictures I took with that combination, this post is to publish the others. Just for the record, I developed the film in a 1...
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    Crich tramway museum on HP5

    This is the walkway leading to the main part of the ‘village’ at the Crich Tramway museum which we visited last week. As with the pictures I published earlier, this picture was taken with a Pentax MZ-3 autofocus 35mm slr on HP5+ film developed in Rodinal and scanned with an Epson V550 Perfection scanner. I have done a little bit of post processing in Lightroom on this picture – adding a bit of noise reduction and sharpening to give the...
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    Emma in the park at Crich

    When we recently went to the Crich tramway museum in Derbyshire I took a lot of pictures with my Pentax K5, but I also took along a Pentax MZ-3 loaded with Ilford HP5+ black & white film. The picture above is one of the pictures I took that day, and developed in Rodinal a couple of days ago. This was taken with a Sigma 24 to 70 autofocus zoom lens fitted to the MZ-3 set to about 60mm and about...
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    Crich Tramway Museum

    This post contains some more the the pictures I took at the Crich Tramway Museum when we visited recently. They were all taken with a Pentax K5 DSLR and either a Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom or a Tamron 10-24 Super Wide angle zoom. Unfortunately, the day we visited was quite cold and grey, so most of the pictures I took were lit by cloudy skies, but there was still enough light to use reasonably low ISO settings, and even get...
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    Another positive film experience with Agfa ct precisa 100

    A few weeks ago I tried shooting colour slide film for the first time in many years and was really impressed with the results. Well, last week we had a really bright sunny autumn day and I thought it would be great to try to capture some of the brilliant autumnal colours on slide film. The film I used was Agfa CT Precisa 100 which I had loaded in my Minolta Dynax 5. I had taken the camera to CenterParcs...
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    Lincoln on film – part two

    This is the second post containing the rest of the pictures I shot in Lincoln on film during a recent trip whilst on holiday. These were all taken with a Pentax MZ-3 35mm autofocus camera using Fuji Superia 800 ISO film.  I’m a little more pleased with these pictures than the set contained in the first post, the colours seem better and the grain not so pronounced. Pictures of Lincoln on Film As with the last set, these were developed...
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    Elveden forest on film

    Whilst we were recently at the Elveden Forest CenterParcs I took some pictures with a Minolta 800si camera which I’m preparing a review of and this post publishes the best of the images. Elveden Forest Pictures on Film I’m glad to say that these pictures have somewhat restored my faith in the sort of results possible with film. The last film I scanned, which was shot in Lincoln, was a bit disappointing because of the high grain and low colour...
  • Film Photography

    Lincoln on film – part one

    This is the first part of a post to publish the pictures I took in Lincoln on 35mm colour negative film during our recent holiday. I used three colour negative films during the week, two rolls of 800 ISO Fuji and a roll of 400 ISO fuji. This is the first roll of the faster film. Film pictures from the city of Lincoln To be honest I’m a bit disappointed with these pictures. I think viewing the slide film I...
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    Trying out colour slide film

    When we were recently on holiday in Lincolnshire I took a camera loaded with colour slide film because I was interested to see what sort of results I would get with this medium. We’ve been back a week now and I’ve just received the film back from the lab so I’m using this post to publish my thoughts about the results. Colour slide film images The camera I used was a Pentax MZ-3 autofocus 35mm SLR, which I judged would...
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    Experiments with black & white transparencies

    Many years ago, in a book on photography which I had when I was a teenager, I read about the process of developing black & white film as transparencies instead of as negatives. I was fascinated to read that it’s only the process which changes – the film used is the same. This contrasted with colour slides and colour prints which were bought as a different type of film as well as being developed using a different process. Fast forward...
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  • Film Photography

    Found film

    This is another batch of film I’ve developed after finding it in a vintage camera I bought from eBay. Although this was a colour film, I developed it with a black & white developer (Rodinal at 1:100 dilution) using stand development, because I knew that the back of the camera had been opened and the film subject to light. I’d received the camera and checked as I always do that there was no film in it by winding the rewind...
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    Developing colour film using the digibase C41 kit – second attempt

    Last week I had my first attempt at developing a colour film using a C41 home processing kit, and it was somewhat less than successful. Although I wasn’t certain of the cause I thought it was probably because I’d inadvertently used an old film, so I decided to have another go with a brand new Kodak ColourPlus 200 film to try to make sure everything went right. I also spent the week reflecting on what could have gone wrong on...
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    Disappointing results using the digibase C41 kit – part 3

    This is third and final part of my series on home developing of colour negative film using the digibase C41 kit. In this part I’m going to describe the scanning, final results and look at possible ways I can improve the process for next time. Digibase C41 Kit Results First, here are the results I obtained from the Digibase C41 kit. Scanning & Post Processing In the cold light of day I took another look at the negatives to assess...
  • Film Photography

    Successful C41 development using the digibase kit – part 2

    In the last post I described a bit of background to the decision to use the digibase kit for my first venture into C41 development. In this post I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty and describing the actual film development. C41 Development Preparation I said in the last post that I’d bought a quantity of 5, 500ml plastic bottles which I intended to use to warm up the chemistry prior the use. It turned out that I didn’t need bottles...
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    Developing colour film using a C41 digibase kit – part 1

    This is the first in a series of articles which describes my experiences developing colour film using a set of pre-diluted C41 chemicals which I purchased from eBay. Background Although I’ve developed black & white film many times, in the past I’ve always steered clear of colour film development believing it to be too complex and too sensitive to temperature to be easy to do. Although I think that may have been true when I first started developing film over 40...
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    Developing medium format film

    Last week I wrote a post about my Ensign Selfix 1620 folding camera and mentioned in that post how I’d loaded it with some FP4+ to take some sample pictures. Well, this week I developed the film, having finished taking the test pictures last weekend. Although it’s not the first film I’ve developed, it is the first time I’ve developed medium format film, so I thought I’d write this post to contrast the experience to 35mm. Obviously the first part...
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    Flowers shot on film

    I’ve been using film cameras quite a bit over the last few weeks and I’ve collected together some pictures which all share the same subject – flowers shot on film. These were taken with a variety of film cameras – a Pentax SFXn, Minolta Dynax 505si Super and Pentax MZ-30. The film used was Fuji Superia 400 colour negative film and Agfa Vista plus 200, and all were taken in Aperture Priority mode on their respective cameras. After development the...
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    Back to film photography

    During our recent trip to CentreParcs in Bedfordshire I had a go at film photography again for the first time in many years so I thought I’d write a quick post describing the experience. As it turned out I didn’t take quite the equipment list I originally thought I would because I decided the Miranda F and the Miranda G were so alike that it would be a bit of a wasted opportunity not to take something a bit different....

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