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    A day in London

    These pictures are a couple of years old now – I took them during a family trip to the London Aquarium in August 2011 which I posted about a while ago, but I’ve not published these particular pictures before and I’ve given them a bit of a make over in Lightroom. As I remember I took two cameras with me that day, a Pentax K-r and and Olympus E-PL1, (neither of which I now have unfortunately) and these were all...
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    Sony Nex 6 high ISO noise performance

    I while ago I wrote a post about the low noise performance of the Pentax K-5 when used an high ISO and I thought it would be interesting to also look at the performance of my Sony Nex 6 when used in high ISO. It’s particularly interesting at the moment since this is the time of year when most days are murky and it’s quite common to be taking pictures using the high ISO setting on the camera. All the...
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    Autumnal St Nicholas Church

    I went over to St Nicholas church in Stevenage today to take some pictures with one of my Miranda 35mm film cameras, the Miranda Fv, and I also took along my Sony Nex to take some control pictures. Because the film I used in the Miranda was black & white, I’ve converted a number of these pictures to black & white as well to get a better comparison of the pictures which I develop from the film. All these pictures...
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    Views around Westminster

    I had to go into London today to visit the Symfony Live conference in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster so I took my Sony Nex 6 along fitted with my Takumar 28mm wide angle lens and my Camdiox focal reducer. As it happened I left a bit early and missed the final keynote because I had a headache from being in a darkened room all day, so while I walked around to get rid of it I...
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    Pictures of Bressingham gardens, near Diss in Norfolk

    This is a family holiday post with a few images from Bressingham gardens in Norfolk from our visit in April whilst on holiday in Suffolk. We drove over to Bressingham near Diss on the first Monday of our holiday arriving early in the Morning. The Gardens are not only gardens; There is also a steam railway with three different track layouts, a large garden centre, the gardens themselves and also the Foggy Bottom gardens which is the subject of another...
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    Centre Parcs – Woburn forest

    This is a family holiday post with a few pictures from the new Woburn Forest Centre Parcs site where we went for a short break. I’ll update the post with more pictures as I get them processed. All these pictures were taken with my Takumar prime lens set and processed in Lightroom using my normal post-processing workflow from the raw files. Pictures from Woburn Forest
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    Kentwell Hall Tudor Day pictures

    As I have mentioned in a previous post we went to a Kentwell Hall Tudor day at Kentwell Hall in Suffolk in April this year and I’ve posted several pictures which I took that day, but I still have a large number which I wanted to publish so I’ve collected them all here in a large gallery. I can thoroughly recommend the Kentwell Hall tudor day if you are in the area or would consider travelling. It was the best...
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    Pictures of Framlingham town and castle

    While we were on holiday in Suffolk last month we visited the town of Framlingham to look round the castle and town. These are the pictures of Framlingham I took whilst we were there and I’ve posted them mainly as a family record of our trip. We were very lucky with the weather the whole week and this day was no different, with unbroken sun for the most part once the Sun broke out. I used the Prime lens kit...
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    Dunwich Heath on the Suffolk Coast

    This post is to highlight the best of the pictures  I took during our recent visit to the National Trust site at Dunwich Heath on the Suffolk coast. Pictures of Dunwich Heath Some of these pictures have already been published in my Favourite Pictures series, but I wanted to record our trip for the rest of the family to see and include the ‘best of the rest’ of the pictures. These pictures were taken with some of the manual prime...
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    Sony Nex 6 panorama function

    When we were on holiday I wanted to try out the Sony nex 6 panorama setting, which will create a panoramic picture in real time as you hold the shutter button and sweep the camera. The image above is one I took on the beach at Dunwich in Suffolk and I think it actually works quite well. There is no obvious stitching errors that I can see and considering this was produced within about 3 seconds of me releasing the...
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    Walk around the suffolk countryside

    This is a post highlighting a series of pictures I took on our recent holiday in Suffolk in the UK. I took these pictures on the first full day of our trip when we went for a walk in the local countryside around the village of Horham which is about 5 miles from Eye, to explore a bit. We were lucky for the entire week in that he weather was clear and although it wasn’t hot in the April sunshine...
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    Nex 6 video clip sample.

    I don’t often take video clips but while we were on holiday I did take this clip of my children on a fairground roundabout at Bressingham Steam and I thought it might be of use to anyone contemplating a sony Nex for video with fixed focus lenses. This video was taken with my Soligor 28mm lens with the aperture set to about f/5.6. I would think that a fixed focus lens would be an advantage whilst taking video as it...
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    Shooting with primes

    Before we went on holiday I wrote a post about the kit I was intending to take with me. Now we are back, this is a follow up post to explain how I got on using that kit. The pictures above are all ones which I feel were helped by using the manual lens kit I took with me rather than a standard kit zoom. Each of these pictures was taken a with one of the manual lenses I listed...
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    Holiday journal – Easter 2014

    This is a holiday journal of our Easter trip to Suffolk and the places visited, photos taken and memories recorded. For anyone who kindly looks at my blog for the photographs, this is predominantly a family post – you are more than welcome to view it but it’s not a photography oriented post. I will be following up with more posts about my photographic exploits later! Holiday Journal – Saturday 12th April 2014 We loaded up the car  and set...
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    Keeping track of manual lenses

    I did a post yesterday about the camera kit I am taking on holiday in a couple of weeks and the manual Takumar lenses I’m intending to use. As I’ve been getting the kit together and working out which accessories I would need I’ve also been considering how I’m going to track which lens was used for which picture. Although it isn’t essential to know this, it’s a very useful piece of information as you are sorting through your pictures...
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    On holiday with the Takumars

    Ok – the title of this sounds like a BBC television comedy but in fact it’s a description of the kit I am taking with me on a family holiday in a couple of weeks time. This will be the first occasion when I use the Nex 6 in the primary role I purchased if for – namely as a light, portable camera on family holidays or trips out. When I bought it however I didn’t realise what a catalyst...
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    Riverside conversation

    This is a picture I took almost a year ago in Cambridge UK. It was on a hot summer day in July near the river Cam, and I took this with my Pentax K-5 and Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom. I had not looked at it since I imported the picture into Lightroom from the card, but tonight I was playing around and tried this picture in black & white. After a crop and a bit of level adjustment I think...
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    The Coach

    Today my son went on his first school residential visit. He is away for 4 days and we went to his school to see him off at lunchtime. I took along my Ricoh GXR with an S10 sensor unit and took a few photos. Although they are all essentially snapshots, I particularly liked this one when I first saw it and thought it would make a reasonable post to record the day. This is post processed in Lightroom 5 with...
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    Sunlight through trees

    This is a picture which I took during our trip to the North East of England a couple of months ago. I walked to the back of the cottage we were staying at and took this picture of the sun rising and breaking through the trees. Although it’s normally not a good thing to have flare in a picture, I think that in this case the small breakout of flare in the middle left hand side actually adds to the...

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