Favourite pictures – Emma candid portrait

This is a picture which I took almost a year ago when I first got my mirrorless Sony Nex 6 and was experimenting with manual focus lenses. I took it with the Jupiter 8 50mm lens from my Dad’s zorki 4 rangefinder camera. My Daughter Emma was doing some drawing and I snapped this picture whilst I was trying out focus peaking and I just loved the image.

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Centre Parcs – Woburn forest

This is a family holiday post with a few pictures from the new Woburn Forest Centre Parcs site where we went for a short break. I’ll update the post with more pictures as I get them processed. All these pictures were taken with my Takumar prime lens set and processed in Lightroom using my normal post-processing workflow from the raw files. Pictures from Woburn Forest

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Favourite Pictures – The post

This is another picture I took at Dunwich on the Suffolk coast during our recent holiday. I was experimenting with taking pictures of my children with this fence post as an out of focus foreground interest object, when I tried changing the point of view by focusing on the post rather than James & Emma. I think this works rather well and actually highlights the children playing. Sony Nex 6 Takumar 55mm f/1.8 iso 100 1/125sec f/5.6?

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Favourite Pictures – The alchemist

Back to Kentwell Hall for another picture in my series ‘Favourite Pictures’. We came upon this chap in a clearing in the woods showing a sheep’s skeleton to a family! Emma immediately ran up to see what this was all about and we ended up stopping for about 20 minutes listening to him telling us all about how glass is made (Tudor version that is) and why it’s so valuable, why the game of football is banned from Tudor England […]

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Favourite pictures – The apothacary's room

We are back to Kentwell Hall for todays favourite picture and it’s one I included in my post about using prime lenses during our holiday but I really like this picture so I’m giving it it’s own post. This is in one of the upper rooms in some of the out houses at Kentwell, where some Tudor re-enactment players were collecting herbs and manufacturing medicine used by tudor Englanders. This lady was sitting in the window and I liked the […]

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