Freddy in a corn field

Today, my son James took our 10 month old puppy Freddy for a walk over the fields and took a picture of him on his phone which he showed my when he returned. I was so impressed that I though I would post it on this site. Every time I try to take a picture of Freddy, I can never get him to sit still, so I think James did remarkably well here.  

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Galaxy S6 sample pictures

I’ve owned my Galaxy Note 2 for about 4 years now and have generally been very happy with the performance and features it offers, but over the last few months it has started to suffer with the normal mobile phone problem of getting slower and slower to do anything.┬áSo this week I did an upgrade and got myself a Galaxy S6 as a replacement. Obviously, being a photographer one of the most important aspects of a phone to me is […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review

I’ve recently replaced my aging HTC Desire HD smartphone with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. These are my impressions of the phone after I’ve used it for a week. Sim card In common with a lot of modern phones, the note 2 uses a micro sim so I needed to replace the sim I was using in my old phone. Although it’s possible to cut a sim down to micro size, I wanted to move to an unlimited bandwidth […]

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