Ovation Applause AE-32 guitar refurbisment

A long time ago, probably sometime in the 1980s, I bought an Ovation Applause AE-32 steel strung, acoustic guitar. I remember buying this because I wanted to own an Ovation, which were very much the ‘in’ guitar at the time, and couldn’t afford or justify buying one, but I could afford the Applause version. I can’t remember now what I paid for it, but I don’t think I bought it new and I have a vague recollection I may have […]

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Buying a new Guitar

I’ve been a bit lax with my photography over the last few weeks because I’ve been busy with another hobby of mine which is playing the guitar. This came about because my daughter Emma decided that she would like to learn to play so we took a trip to the local music store to buy her a 3/4 size acoustic guitar. Looking round the shop at the many different guitars I felt a real enthusiasm to get back into playing […]

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