Vintage & Classic Lens Index

This is the Index page to the classic lenses I own and have reviewed. Follow the links for reviews and sample pictures. Related Posts:Trying to improve SEO ratingsSite Navigation for Simon Hawketts’s Photo BlogVintage camera collection – Index PageHow to check the health of a vintage cameraNew site designPentax Spotmatic SP 35mm SLRWinait film scanner problemsPentax Program A short camera review

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Miranda 50mm f/1.9 focus thread clean up.

Last week I took ownership of a Miranda Automex III 35mm film camera and found that the helicoid was in need of re-greasing. I have already rebuilt the aperture on one of these lenses and found them easier than most to work on, so I thought it would probably not be too hard to re-grease the helicoid as well. The following is a pictorial guide for anyone who may find this useful. The tools you will need are: Watchmakers screwdrivers […]

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