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    Installing Ubuntu on an HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf102 laptop

    This is a non photographic post which is really just a notice for anyone trying to find out if it is possible to install ubuntu on an HP Pavilion Pro 14-bf102 laptop. I recently replaced my rather ancient HP Probook 4540s with one of these units couldn’t find any information on any forum or site which would tell me if it would work. By default the unit comes with a version of Window 10 installed, but I don’t personally use...
  • IT

    I’ve moved to self hosted

    Any regular reader of this blog will possibly notice that it has a different look today. That is because, after thinking about it on and off for a couple of years, this morning I took the plunge and moved my site from to a self hosted site. If your dns settings have updated, you will see this post in the style of the new blog here on the left; if they haven’t you have a small amount of time...
  • IT

    Moving found film from multisite to single site

    This is a non-photography post about the process I used to move the Found-Film site from a WordPress multisite to single site install. Hopefully, this will be useful for anyone who needs to do a similar move at some point. Reasons why I moved from multisite to single site There were various reasons I moved from a multisite install to a single site install but many were driven by SEO. The found film site has been up and running for...
  • IT

    Update on Stats

    Last week I posted an article about the changes I’d noticed to the number of visitors and views I’ve received over the last few weeks. This post is a very short one which just updates what I’ve found. The picture above shows the number of clicks, impressions and CTR (click through rate) over the last 28 days and it confirms what I thought last week. The impressions have dropped because the google algorithm which determines which pages to show for...
  • IT

    Trying to improve SEO ratings

    I’ve been writing my photoblog for about 4 years now, initially as a google blogger site, then as a wordpress site, and for the last couple of years as a wordpress site with it’s own domain. In that time I’ve seen the traffic move up steadily from only a few 10’s of visits when I started to about 3,000 visitors a week and about 20,000 views as measured on the wordpress stats tool. Well, that was true until about 2...
  • Development, Linux

    Multiple monitors on a Dell XPS 13

    Last week I got a new laptop for work – or rather I got an old Laptop for work – a colleague’s Dell XPS 13. It just happened that my rather aged 6 year old workstation was due for replacement, and a colleague left and returned their 18 month old Dell XPS 13 laptop, so I took it as my replacement. The XPS 13 is a great little laptop and super fast with its 256Gb solid state drive and 8G...
  • Development, IT

    Converting an old router using dd-wrt.

    My Son is 12 years old and like most boys his age is heavily into Internet use for all sorts of pastimes ranging from games, videos & music. He has the usual range of technology at his disposal – a mobile phone, laptop and tablet but he always complains that the internet coverage in his room is poor and keeps dropping out. I’m not actually convinced that this is accurate, because we happen to have a pretty powerful asus RT-N66U...
  • Android

    Asus Transformer TF 101 upgrade

    I have an ASUS Transformer TF101 10 inch Android tablet which I rooted a year or so ago and installed the Cyanogenmod version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich on. It’s a nice tablet, with an optional keyboard dock which has usb ports, a full SD card slot and an additional battery fitted. However the tablet has been getting slower and slower over the last few months, and although I have the add on keyboard dock, the battery life was also...
  • Development

    Learning to touch type

    I taught myself to touch type many years ago but because I type computer code all day long, which involves lots of brackets and punctuation, I have always found that it is actually quicker to ‘hunt & peck’ my way round the keyboard rather than touch type. However, over the last few months I’m finding that my eyes are getting more and more tired from constantly changing focus between the screen and the keyboard so I’ve decided I need to...
  • Hackintosh

    Hackintosh 4540s – Mountain Lion update sound problems

    Apple issued an update to Mountain Lion 10.8.4 this week which I applied via system update. This left my hackintosh probook 4540s without sound and also removed the battery status indicator from the menu bar. After a bit of investigation I found this was easily fixed by re-running the Probook installer from the tonymac site. I downloaded the latest version, since there had been several updates since I did my initial install a few weeks ago, and was initially confused...
  • Hackintosh, Linux

    Probook 4540s Hackintosh – OS-X install & efi boot

    The main reason I bought the Probook 4540s was because of it’s hardware spec which is very similar to a Macbook and therefore well supported by OS-X. I use a Mac for my photo processing with Lightroom so I wanted to try to get OS-X running for when we go on holiday etc. The first part of installing OS-X was to create a bootup usb stick using the software from the tonymacx86 site. This uses a legal copy of OS-X...
  • Hackintosh, Linux

    Probook 4540s Hackintosh – Linux install

    Part 2 of my Probook 4540s hackintosh install post deals with installing Linux in more detail. Installing Linux I have been using Linux since about 1995 on a regular basis and in that time I’ve gone from Slackware -> Redhat -> SuSE -> Gentoo -> Ubuntu. My intention was to create a triple boot machine with Windows 7, Linux and MacOS so having installed Windows I set about installing a linux distribution. Since I’ve been using the latest version of...
  • Development, Hackintosh, Linux

    Probook 4540s Hackintosh

    OK – this blog is titled ‘Simon Hawketts’s Photo Blog’ but I do have other interests and this post (or probably series of posts) is not a photo related post but an IT related post. I bought a new Laptop a month or so ago as a replacement for my aging HP 8710W which was getting a bit long in the tooth. I looked around for a new model which would allow me to try out something I’d wanted to...
  • Development

    Using Zend Framework ACL and Auth to control access

    I’ve recently started using the Zend framework components to produce a site I’m working on and thought I’d document how I’ve tied the Acl and Auth components together to control access.The site I’m building consists of several services which all have access through a common user account login, but with different classes of user. This seemed an ideal candidate for using Access control lists so I’ve set them up in the following way. Each service is being written as a...
  • Linux

    Compaq/HP 8710W Laptop running Ubuntu Linux

    This short post is to answer a question potential Compaq/HP 8710W owners may be asking. Just in case it’s useful to anyone who may be wondering if they can run Ubuntu on a Compaq/HP 8710W laptop, I can tell them that you can. I’m running the Intrepid 8.10 release on one of these and I have all the hardware I use running ‘out of the box’. The only thing I can think of which doesn’t work is the Finger Print...
  • Linux

    Migrating Linux Distribution

    I’ve been using Gentoo Linux for about the last 5 years and I’ve generally been quite happy with it, but over the last few months I’ve found that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to install packages without dependency problems or broken packages.About two years ago I decided to try Ubuntu on my Laptop and it was so successful that I decided to swap my main desktop machine as well. The big problem with this is that because I use this machine...
  • Development, Linux

    Unix Timestamp Conversion

    I use unix timestamps to store dates in databases because I find it an easy way to do maths with the dates. One drawback of course is that I can’t tell what a date is by just looking at the number so I was trying to find a calculator app which would do the conversion. Although there are bound to be loads I couldn’t find one which would allow me to quickly highlight a number and convert it to a...

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