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    A Guide to metering modes

    This post aims to provide a simple guide to metering modes available in cameras, and to provide the photographer with the information necessary to make the right choice when taking their picture. Introduction Single lens reflex cameras which have built-in, through the lens light meters, have been available for a number of years now; in fact they have been available since 1964 when Pentax introduced the Spotmatic model. On the face of it, the ability to measure light coming through...
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    Easy Site Navigation for Simon Hawketts’s Photo Blog

    Thanks for visiting my photo blog; this site navigation post is to help you locate the articles which hopefully are of interest to you. As the title would suggest the site mainly covers photography and mostly film and vintage photography but there are also posts on digital photography, camera repair and some photographic theory articles. Site Navigation with search There are several ways to find the articles which may be interesting to you. First there is the site search function...
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    Uncoupled exposure meter tests on vintage cameras

    This is another article in my series about checking the health of vintage cameras in which I’m going to deal with testing an uncoupled exposure meter. There were a large variety of exposure meters fitted to cameras ranging from simple meters which just measure the amount of light, right up to complex systems which set the camera automatically for the correct exposure. I’m going to try to deal with all types in my ‘Checking the health of your vintage camera‘...
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    Vintage camera’s aperture tests

    One of the most important parts of any camera are the combination of shutter and aperture which determine how much light is allowed through the lens and onto the film. It’s also one of the most common problem areas for vintage cameras with aperture blades sticking due to oil contamination and focus rings becoming stiff from old grease and dirt. This post is going to cover how you go about checking a vintage camera’s aperture and follows on from the...
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    How to check the health of a vintage camera

    This post attempts to answer the question ‘Is my vintage camera still working’? I started to write it as an answer to a comment when a reader asked for help to determine if a camera she owned was working properly. However, after a few minutes it became apparent that it is too complex a question to answer as a simple comment reply so I thought I’d instead write a full post with some guidance and details of the sort of...
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    Macro photography options

    I’ve always been interested in macro photography and I’ve tried many different techniques to try to take the best close up and macro pictures I can, so I thought I would do a post on the various options available and which ones I feel are best. Typical Macro equipment Please note that in this field, as with everything else photography related, I am a completely self taught amateur so I’m not putting these ideas forward as gospel, simply my understanding...
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    Camdiox Canon EOS to Sony Nex focal reducer review

    In this post I’m going to review my reasons for purchasing a focal reducer and give my assessment of the performance of the Camdiox unit. What is a focal reducer? When I was a teenager (quite a few years ago now I’m sorry to say) I used to own an add-on lens called a teleconverter which fitted behind any lens on my Zenit B slr and doubled the focal length of the lens. I used it with an inexpensive telephoto...
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    Typical Lightroom processing steps.

    In this post I’m going to outline my typical Lightroom processing steps I go through to take an image from the initial RAW capture to the final image. This is as much an aide memoir to my future self as a guide to others, and in no way is this the only sequence that could be used. Typical Lightroom Processing steps in Images The image above is one that I took with my Ricoh GXR fitted with the S10 lens...

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