Zenit-E 35mm slr review

This is my review of a camera very popular from the late 1960s to the middle 1980s – the Zenit model E. The pictures in this post can also be viewed in full size here My Camera This camera was bought as part of a job lot of 4 cameras I acquired a couple of weeks ago for the small sum of £9.49. I was quite pleased it was included in that mini collection, because I owned a Zenit B […]

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Zenit 11 and Zenit EM 35mm SLR's reviewed

These two camera’s are a new addition to my camera collection which I bought primarily for the Helios 44M lens which was attached to each, however they are still historically of interest to me because the first ‘proper’ camera I owned was a Zenit E, and my Dad had one for a long time too. Although these camera’s are slightly different from the Zenit E I owned, the differences are fairly minimal from memory. I certainly remember the substantial ‘clunk’ […]

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