Weltaflex TLR shooting experience

This morning I took my Weltaflex TLR with me for a walk round a rather cold and frosty Fairlands Park in Stevenage to try it out. At first I considered loading a roll of Provia 100F into the Weltaflex because I’ve received a 5 pack of this medium format slide film as a birthday present and I’m dying to give it a go, but in the end I decided that it makes more sense to try the camera out with […]

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Weltaflex medium format twin lens reflex

The Weltaflex is a German made, twin lens reflex camera which first came into the world around 1954 and was made by the Welta company, although I suspect the version I have is a bit later than that since it bears the Pentacon mark on the shutter. Weltaflex Images My Weltaflex Camera I found this camera on eBay described as a fully working, nice condition camera and I thought it was a reasonable price so I bought it. As it […]

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